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Welcome to Legallypedia,
the free collaborative encyclopedia for Indian lawyers and law students.
There are currently 319 articles on Legallypedia. Please help create more!

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This is Legallypedia, which aims to become an encyclopedic resource to help Indian lawyers and law students research jobs and careers, law schools and anything remotely legal and India-related. For this, we need your help!


The first major Legallypedia project will be to create a list and contact details for all major moots in India and abroad in preparation for the 2010-11 edition of Legally India's Mooting Premier League.

Click here for a list of moot court competitions where Indian law schools participate and that are part of the MPL 2.

Law schools

A Legallypedia side project will be to create a useful and unbiased directory of India's various law schools.

Click here for a basic list and links to new articles about India's top law schools.

Please improve or create the article about your law school with helpful and unbiased information for prospective joiners and recruiters.

Indian law firms

Legallypedia is gradually looking to create a database of Indian law firms, which will be helpful for those researching jobs or the legal market in general.

A very basic starter list of Indian law firms and a few bare-bone profiles here.

Please expand the profiles of each firm with procedures and contact details for internship applications, as well as descriptions of the type of work offered to interns and young lawyers.

What is the Legallypedia Wiki?

Legallypedia is a so-called "wiki" and using it is very simple. It is based on the same collaborative software that has made the excellent Wikipedia such an amazing resource for millions.

Just like Wikipedia, Legallypedia can not exist without your honest help and relies on reader contributions that are accurate, unbiased and verifiable. In short, let's make sure Legallypedia is full of facts.

Articles on Legallypedia will hopefully help current and future generations of law students and lawyers by sharing collective knowledge and contributing towards more transparency in the legal market.

Right now, absolutely anyone can publish or edit an article on Legallypedia.

Please visit this page to learn more about what Legallypedia is and what it is NOT (e.g.: not about kittens).

How to use a Wiki: crash course

In a very small nutshell, you can edit any article on Legallypedia and create as many new articles as you like on legal topics.

Please visit the Help page for more information and assistance.

And finally, above all, please have fun!