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Luthra & Luthra Law Offices is an Indian law firm with offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Its founder and managing partner is Rajiv Luthra, while Mohit Saraf is one of the firm's senior partner also responsible for management of the firm.

The firm has 31 partners and over 200 lawyers, according to data provided by the firm as at 1 September 2010.

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RSG India says

"Benefiting from India's infrastructure boom, the firm acted on more project finance deals by value than any other firm globally in 2009. In addition to its top level finance work, the firm also has full corporate practice known for its quality. The firm is Delhi-based and the absence of top partners in Mumbai means its profile suffers to some degree. Like many of the top firms, clients say they need the managing partner, Rajiv Luthra, on complex matters."<ref> RSG India profile 2010</ref>



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