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This page provides information upon various Cultural Fests organised by Indian law schools:


Host: NLS bangalore

LeGala is NLS bangalore's annual inter-collegiate lit n' cul fest, which was started in 1996. It attracts participation from colleges all over Bangalore as well as out-station teams for events like quizzing, music, theatre and dance. In order to maintain impartiality, the host institution does not participate in the competitive activities. The festival is organised by the Event Management Committee with the Cultural and Fine Arts Committee and the Literary and Debating Society organizing the cultural and literary sections respectively.<ref></ref>

Strawberry Fields[edit]

Host: NLS bangalore

Strawberry Fields is a student-organised rock show and is held concurrently with LeGala. The last few editions had more than 40 participating bands from all over South Asia and crowds in excess of 10,000. Its past 10 editions have served as launch-pads for prominent Indian bands like Moksha, Thermal and a Quarter, Motherjane, Zero and Medicis among others. The music festival started its existence under the name of 'Lawcommotion' in 1996 and subsequently took on its present name.<ref></ref>


Host: Nalsar Hyderabad


Host: NLU Jodhpur NH-65 is the annual Literary & Cultural Fest of NLU Jodhpur



Host: RMLNLU Lucknow

RMLNLU, Lucknow every year organizes its annual inter-collegiate fest SPOCULIT. All things Cultural, sports and literary will find their way into this Lucknow-themed college festival. And more, much much more. Right from the thought-provoking to the physically testing, from heated discussions to crazy fun contest. SPOCULIT promises to transcend all hitherto unknown human notions of entertainment.

SPOCULIT has 23 main events, and several filler events, each of which will leave you wanting more. For the first time, sleep-deprivation and fatigue will be worth it all. Over three days of fierce competition shall bring out winners in all fields - sport, cultural, and the literary. And in between, we shall take time out for the students to go back richer, not only in terms of experience but also hopefully with fresher perspectives.

With Kickass Headlining events and mind boggling amounts of moolah up for grabs SPOCULIT promises to be one of its kind !!!

Event Website:


Host: RGNUL Patiala Annual Parliamentary Debate Competition