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Legallypedia is a free, web-based, collaborative encyclopedia about the Indian legal market, powered by legal news portal Legally India.

Legallypedia was started in August 2010.

What is Legallypedia?

The idea is for articles on Legallypedia to help current and future generations of law students and lawyers by sharing collective knowledge and contributing towards more transparency in the Indian legal market.

What Legallypedia is NOT

  • A way for anyone to write propaganda or promotional fluff about an organisation, institution or law firm.
  • A newspaper - check Legally India at for the latest fact-checked news on the Indian legal market.
  • A repository for gossip and unconfirmed rumours.
  • A political platform for any party, viewpoint or philosophy.
  • A prejudiced or intolerant website that seeks to exclude users or their viewpoints.
  • A space to write about kittens, cricket or other things that have nothing to do with law.