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Juris Corp was established in 2000 and has a total of 44 lawyers, excluding 10 partners and 2 of counsels according to the firm, with one office in Mumbai.

Recruitment information

TBC - recruitment contacts and process.

Mumbai office contact details


RSG India says

"Managing partner H Jayesh is regarded as a market leader in the derivatives field. He gained his experience under the tutelage of Berjis Desai, now managing partner of J Sagar Associates, when he was still at Udwadia, Udeshi & Berjis. Previously a financial services boutique, the firm have expanded to a full service offering since 2006, but is ranked in RSG's top 40 for its financial services work. The firm have only recently won clients outside the banking & finance sector."<ref>http://rsg-india.com/indian-law-firms/profiles/juris-corp RSG India profile</ref>

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