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List of Journals

Source: Manupatra[1]

Abbreviation Journal Name
ACC Accident and Compensation Cases
ACC(SC) Accident and Compensation Cases (SC)
ACJ Accidents Claims Journal
AIHC All India High Court Cases
FAJ All India Prevention of Food Adulteration Journal
AIR All India Reporter
AIR(Mys) All India Reporter (Mys)
ARC Allahabad Rent Cases
AWC Allahabad Weekly Cases
AWCSC Allahabad Weekly Cases (Supp - SC)
AWCUHC Allahabad Weekly Cases UHC
ALT Andhra Law Times
ALT(Cri) Andhra Law Times (Criminal)
ALT(SC) Andhra Law Times(SC)
ALD(Cri) Andhra Legal Decision (Criminal)
ALD Andhra Legal Decisions
ALD-SC Andhra Legal Decisions (SC)
APLJ Andhra Pradesh Law Journal
AnWR Andhra Weekly Reporter
AD Apex Decision
ARBLR Arbitration Law Reporter
BC Banking Cases
BC-SC Banking Cases with court
BLJR Bihar Law Journal Reports
BomCR Bombay Cases Reporter
BomCR(Cri) Bombay Cases Reporter (Criminal)
BomCRSupp Bombay Cases Reporter(Supp)
BOMLR Bombay Law Reporter
BusLR Business Law Reports
CHN Calcutta High Court Notes
CHN(SC) Calcutta High Court Notes (SC)
CALLT Calcutta Law Times
CWN Calcutta Weekly Notes
CivilCC Civil Court Cases
CivilCCSup Civil Court Cases (Supp)
CompCas Company Cases
CompLJ Company Law Journal
CompAT Competition Law Reports
CPJ Consumer Protection Judgments
CTLJ Contracts and Tenders Law Journal
CLA Corporate Law Adviser
CLA-BL-Sup Corporate Law Advisor – Business Law Supplement
Crime Crimes
Crimes Crimes (SC)
CriLJ Criminal Law Journal
CCR Current Criminal Reports
CCR(SC) Current Criminal Reports (SC)
CTC Current Tamil Nadu Cases
CTR Current Tax Reporter
CLT Cuttack Law Times
CLT(SC) Cuttack Law Times (SC)
CWN Calcutta Weekly Notes
DLT Delhi Law Times
DLT(SC) Delhi Law Times (SC)
DRJ Delhi Reported Journal
DRJSupp Delhi Reported Journal (Suppl)
DRJSupp NV Delhi Reported Journal (Suppl)without Volume
DMC Divorce and Matrimonial Cases
DMC(SC) Divorce and Matrimonial Cases (SC)
ESC Education and Service Cases
ELR Energy Law Reports
ECC Excise & Customs Cases
ECR Excise and Custom Reprots (Without Volume)
ELT Excise Law Times
FLR Factory Law Reporter
GLD Gauhati Law Decisions
GLDSupp Gauhati Law Decisions Supp
GauLR Gauhati Law Reports
GLT Gauhati Law Times
GLT(SC) Gauhati Law Times (SC)
GLH Gujarat Law Herald
GLR Gujarat Law Reporter
GLR (FB) Gujarat Law Reporter (FB)
GLR (SC) Gujarat Law Reporter (SC)
ITR Income Tax Reporter
ITD Income-tax Tribunal Decisions
Ind.Cas. Indian Cases
ILR Indian Law Reports
ILR (Bom) Indian Law Reports (Bombay)
ILR (PC) Indian Law Reports (P C)
ILR Pre Indian Law Reports (Pre)
ITDSB ITD Special Bench
JCR Jharkhand Cases Reporter
JKJ JK Judgments
JKJ [SC] JK Judgments [SC]
JCC Journal Of Criminal Cases
JCC(SC) Journal Of Criminal Cases (SC)
JT Judgment Today
JT (Suppl) Judgment Today Supplement
KCCR Karnataka Civil and Criminal Reporter
KarLJ Karnataka Law Journal
KLJ Kerala Law Journal
KLT Kerala Law Times
KLT (SC) Kerala Law Times (SC)
LabIC Labour and Industrial cases
LLJ Labour Law Journal
LS Law Summary
MPLJ M.P. Law Journal
MPLJ(SC) M.P. Law Journal(SC)
MLJ Madras Law Journal
MLJ(SC) Madras Law Journal (SC)
MhLj Maharashtra Law Journal
MhLJ(SC) Maharastra Law Journal SC
M.I.A. Moores Indian Appeals
MPHT MP High Court Today
MPHT(CG) MP High Court Today with court
MysLJ Mysore Law Journal
MysLJ(SC) Mysore Law Journal (SC)
OLR Orissa Law Reviews
OLR (SC) Orissa Law Reviews (SC)
PTC Patent & Trade Marks Cases
PLR Punjab Law Reporter
RLR Rajasthan Law Reporter
RLW Rajasthan Law Weekly
RAJ Rajdhani Law Reporter
RArJ Recent Arbitration Judgments
RAJ(SC) Recent Arbitration Judgments (SC)
RLT Revenue Law Times
STC Sales Tax Cases
SCR no vol SCR Supp without Volume
SCL Sebi and Corporate laws
SOT Selected Orders of ITAT
SCT Service Cases Today
STJ Service Tax Journal
STR Service Tax Review
SLJ Services Law Journal
SLR Services Law Reporter
SLR(SC) Services Law Reporter (SC)
ShimLC Shimla Law Cases
SCALE Supreme Court Almanac
SCC Supreme Court Cases
SCC (Supp) Supreme Court Cases (Supp)
SCR Supreme Court Reporter
TTJ Tax Tribunal Judgments
TAXLR Taxation Law Reporter
STT Taxman's Service Tax Today
Ind.Ap. The Law Report - Indian Appeals The Law Report - Indian Appeals(Supp. Vol.)
UJ The Unreported Judgments
UPLBEC U.P. Local Bodies & Educational Cases
VR Vat Reporter
WLN Weekly Law Notes
WLNRev Weekly Law Notes Revenue
WLNUC Weekly Law Notes UC
WLNWV Weekly Law Notes Without Volume
WLC Western Law Cases
WLC(Raj)UC Western Law Cases (Raj) UC