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This article aims to list and regularly update the base salaries at Indian law firms, in-house legal functions and other employers of Indian lawyers.

More detailed information on later salaries at law firms was published by Legally India in 2012 after analysing salary survey data in detail.

Please update with any information or data you have or send Legally India an email with figures confidentially.

2010-11 Indian legal recruiters' offered remuneration

Firm Base retainer pay (
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Offered total package incl. max bonus (
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lakh) / other
AZB & Partners (Mumbai) 11.4 "competitive bonus"
Khaitan & Co (Mumbai) 13.2<ref>Khaitan hikes salaries to Rs 15.2 lakh in 2014</ref> 15.2
S&R Associates 10.8
Trilegal 10.8 12.8
J Sagar Associates (JSA) 10.5<ref>JSA hikes salaries to 10.5 - July 2012</ref>
Talwar Thakore & Associates 10.5 Bonus: 0-40% of base pay<ref>TTA hikes starter pay</ref>
Amarchand Mangaldas 10.48 14 - 15
Luthra & Luthra 10.08 12.6 (+0.51 signing bonus)when is this paid? (+3 insurance benefits)
Finsec Law Advisers 10 Performance based bonus.
AZB & Partners (Delhi) 9.8 "competitive bonus"
ICICI Bank 9.05 (salary with retainer option) CTC* with other benefits convertible to full retainer after six months<ref>ICICI hikes salary</ref>.
Platinum Partners (Delhi) 9 (unconfirmed officially)
Kochhar & Co 4.2-4.8
Wadia Ghandy & Co 8.4 10 with bonus at fresher level
Argus Partners 8 10 with bonus at fresher level.
Desai & Diwanji 6 - 8.4 2% on billings + 10% on billings (if the work has been generated by the fresher) + discretionary year end bonus
Nishith Desai Associates 7.2 (salary) +4.8 fixed amount is paid out after three years with firm<ref>Revealed: 17 law firm starting salary packages</ref>. First-year CTC* figure therefore 12.12 forms base for 2nd year increase.
SAIL 6.6 - 6.8
Phoenix Legal 6 - 7.2
IFMR 6 - 6.5
Bharucha & Partners 8
Majmudar & Partners 8.43 (Mumbai avg) 4.3-6(Bagalore avg) Mumbai: 8.43 +26% variable bonus
Vedanta 7
Juris Corp 6-6.5
Pangea3 4 - 6 (5 - 7 for 2010-11) (CTC* incl. bonus at top 10 law schools)
Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridharan 4.8
Crawford Bayley & Co 4.8 Variable across teams (Unconfirmed claim of 10.2 CTC* incl. performance bonus for National Law Schools)
Kochhar & Co 4.2 - 4.8
OSC Service(Clifford Chance offshoring company 5.3
CPA Global 3-5
Supreme Court judicial clerkships 3 (stipend)<ref>Legally India - judicial clerkships hike stipend, September 2010</ref>

Source: Legally India research<ref>Amarchand, Khaitan Luthra and Trilegal hike pay</ref>: interviews with students and college recruitment committees and putting those figures to law firm or organisation for correction or comment.*CTC: "cost to company" figure can include other benefits than just base salary.


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