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Have fun!
Have fun!
[http://www.legallyindia.com test]

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Legallypedia can not exist without your honest help and support and it relies on your contributions that are accurate, unbiased and verifiable.

The idea is for articles on Legallypedia to help current and future generations of law students and lawyers by sharing collective knowledge and contributing towards more transparency.

Before making any edits or writing new articles please therefore leave behind any biases and grudges - they will not stand the test of time nor help anyone.

How to edit

In a very small nutshell, you can edit any article on Legallypedia and create as many new articles as you like on legal topics.

  • Just click the "Edit" button above any article and you can change the text, which will be instantly published.
  • To create a new article, just type a title of an article in the white search box to the top-right and click "Go". If an article on the topic or a similar topic exists, click on it from the search results and edit or add to it. Otherwise, click the red link and you can create a new article with that name.
  • Any red link within an article means that no entries on the topic exists yet. You can click the red link and instantly create a new article on the topic.
  • To create a link to a new or existing article yourself, simply type: Here is a link to the wiki page of [[Legally India]]. When saved, it will look like this: Here is a link to the wiki page of Legally India.
  • To link to an external website, simply type: Here is an external link to [http://www.legallyindia.com Legally India]. This will look like this: Here is an external link to Legally India. (I.e.: Two square brackets for an internal Legallpedia link and one square bracket for external links.) Magic, couldn't be easier!
  • To make a new big and bold heading like the one above, just type: ==This is a heading==

Delve deeper into Wiki use

For a basic guide that explains a bit more how to create new articles and edit existing entries on Legallypedia please read this Wikipedia guide on how to edit articles, 99 per cent of which will also apply on Legallypedia.

For those feeling braver read this detailed guide on how you can easily format text, create lists, upload pictures and do lots of other fun things.

Have fun! test