GNLU International Moot Court Competition

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The GNLU International Moot Court Competition (GIMC) is the annual Moot Court Competition organized by Gujarat National Law University. The first edition of GIMC happened in 2009. The latest edition saw the participation of teams from USA, Hungary and Pakistan, apart from the rigorous participation by the Indian law schools. GIMC is usually conducted during the month of February each year.


As the name GIMC indicates, the Moot is completely organized by [GNLU Gandhinagar]. One of the major Sponsors of the second edition of GIMC was the World Trade Institute, Berne, Switzerland.


GIMC happens annually in city of Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Eligibility for Participation

Teams consisting of students pursuing their graduate studies in Law from any University in the world can participate in GIMC. However, only one team per Institution is allowed.


The theme of GIMC is International Trade Law and Public International Law. In the first edition, the Problem dealt with national security, breach of privacy and trade between countries. The second edition dealt with Climate Change and Trade. The problem of the current edition of GIMC Space Law and Trade Law.

Previous Winners

Year Winners Runner-up
2010 George Washington University Law School,Washington D.C, USA Symbiosis Law School, Pune, India
2009 National Law University, Jodhpur, India Army Institute of Law, Mohali, India

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