GH Raisoni Law School Moot Court Competition

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The G H Raisoni Law School, Nagpur is one of the most prestigious law schools in the Central India region. It fills up the vacuum that is created in the region due to the absence of NLU's. It conducts a Moot Court annually each year around the month of February jointly in association with the International Society of Indian Law, New Delhi.

The organizing committee for the College, where the actual event takes place is dictated by their Moot Court Association. The Moot Court Association is essentially the organizer of the entire event.

The Moot Court Association of the College is available at

As per the records, The MCA team changes every year. The team details that we have include

President - Deoul Pathak

Vice President - Rohan Joshi

Secretary (General) - Kuldeep Mahalle

Secretary (Joint) - Saurabh Tapadia

Treasurer - Anjali Kothari

Travel / Accommodation Responsibility - Sanket Bhandarkar

The Moot Court Association of the College is available at



Dates of moot in 2010-11


Moot problem in 2010-11


Previous winners


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