Crawford Bayley & Co

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Crawford Bayley & Co

Crawford Bayley & Co, having established in 1830 currently has a team of 150 members, including 12 partners, over 100 associates and 15 paralegal personnel and a supporting staff of over 75 individuals.

When the Indian market liberalised in the early 1990s, Crawford Bayley was a firm of choice for International clients. It has since been overtaken by a number of its peers who have been more amibitious and quicker to modernise. It does still have broad capability and a number of industry sector experts. While it still ranks within the top 10 or 15 indian firms for corporate deals, the firm needs to make up new and younger partners if it is to maintain its position in the current competitive market.

The firm’s individual partners specialise in the following practice areas: corporate and commercial practice, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, joint ventures and foreign collaboration, privatisation and disinvestment, banking and corporate finance, intellectual property law, litigation and dispute resolution, real estate and property law, indirect taxation, labour and employment, admiralty and shipping law, information technology, e-banking and e-commerce