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In the State of Bihar, where the seeds of the earliest republic were sown and the crop of democracy cultivated, a need was felt by the government for a university which would provide quality legal education and strive to raise national legal standards to competitive international level and promote legal awareness in the community, which will lead to the realization of goals embodied in the Constitution of India. Thus, on August 15th, 2006 came into being Chanakya National Law University at Patna under the able guidance of its Vice - Chancellor/Pro - Chancellor, Prof. Dr. A. Lakshminath, former Dean and Registrar, NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad. CNLU was established under the Chanakya National Law University Act, 2006 (Bihar Act No. 24 of 2006) and included in section 2(f) of the U.G.C. Act, 1956.
No Educational Institution is complete without adequate facilities to its Students, Faculties & Employees. CNLU provides wide range of facilities on its campus. A well managed residential accommodation with modern facility provided to students. Mess & Canteen facilities on campus provide everything from a simple coffee and sandwich to a full meal. University provides a full range of medical services for students & for employees who register as patients. In addition to general practice services, CNLU provides a range of specialist clinics and visiting practitioners. University organised regular careers fairs, training workshops, and one-to-one guidance for students. Counseling Service aims to enable students to achieve their academic and personal goals by providing confidential counseling and support for any difficulties encountered while at CNLU. University provides a wide range of IT services including campus internet access via a wireless network and in student residences.
Number of retired Judges of the Supreme Court,High Courts and lower Judiciary as well as Senior Advocates & Educationalist have offered to assist the CNLU in its teaching and research programmes making education at CNLU a rare and exciting experience to the student body. CNLU admired example of maintaining financial autonomy along with greater accountability. It is equipped with the state-of-art infrastructure for successful imparting of legal education of the highest standards.The faculty at CNLU comprises highly acclaimed and experienced academicians who are proactively involved in grooming the younger generation to take CNLU to greater heights.
The construction work of the university spread on 18 acres of land at Nyaya Nagar, Mithapur near Mithapur Bus stand, Jakkanpur Police Station, Patna will be fully completed by March, 2011, but it has got one academic block, administrative block, boys' hostel, girls' hostel, moot court hall and examination hall constructed by now. Classes shall commence here from this academic session(2010-11). A sprawling lawn with various types of palm trees has adds beauty to the landscape.
Chanakya National Law University, Nyaya Nagar, Mithapur, Patna-800001, Bihar, INDIA
TBC: The Vice-chancellor Prof. Dr. A. Lakshminath and his Academic Council along with Academic Planniing Board, Executive Coucil,Finance Commitee and General Coucil together carry out the administration of Chanakya National Law University.
===Facts & Figures===
Prof. Dr. A. Lakshminath                                                                                                
Pro Chancellor / Vice Chancellor
Dr. S. P. Singh
Associate Professor (Pol. Science), Registrar
Dr. Ajay Kumar                                                                                                                 
Associate Professor (Law)
Dr. S. C. Roy
Associate Professor(Law)                                                                                                 
Dr. Anshuman, Visiting Faculty (Law)                                                                                                       
Dr. Ali
Visiting Faculty (Law)
Mr. K. K. Diwedi                                                                                                                 
Assistant Professor (Law)
Dr. P. P. Rao
Assistant Professor (Law)                                                                                                 
Mr. Shaiwal Satyarthi                                                                                                 
Assistant Professor (Law)
Dr. B. Ravi Narayan Sharma
Assistant Professor (Law)                                                                                               
Mr. Pushpendra Pandey                                                                                                       
Assistant Professor (Law)
Mr. vikram Kumar
Assistant Professor (Law)                                                                                               
Dr. Sangeet Kumar                                                                                                               
Assistant Professor (Sociology)
Miss Shivani Mohan
Assistant Professor (Economics)
Dr. Priyadarshni                                                                                                      
Assistant Professor (History)
Mr. Manoranjan Kumar
Teacher Associate (Law)
TBC - Through CLAT
===Fee structure===
TBC: visit the university's website
TBC: CNLU has a sprawling campus at Nyaya Nagar, Mithapur, Patna in around 20 acres. There are two seperate hostles for boys and girls separated by a beautiful park. it is a fully residential university. There are around 150 rooms in each hostel that is sufficient for accomodating more than 200 girls or boys.There is a beutiful dining hall in the basement of each hostel. The university has its own arrangement for mess and hence no mess facility from outside is allowed.
===Library and Reading Room===
TBC: Describe the library, number of books available and other amenities and useful information.
===IT Infrastructure===
TBC: How many computers are there available? How about internet connectivity? Other IT facilities?
==Extra Curricular Activities==
TBC: They organise the Intra Moot Court Competitions, for selection of the students to represent in the various national Moot Court Competitions, as well as Special Moot Court Competitions to select students for representing the university at various International levels. They are in a process of organising the National moot Court Competition of their own from the year 2011. However the students have excelled in various National as well as international Level Moot Court Competitions. some of the Laurels are:
Semifinalist position in Phillip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition(North India Round) 2011.
Awarded Best Memorial in GNLU International Moot Court Competition.
The Best memorial Award & The Semifinalist position in 1st NLIU - Juris Corp National Corporate Law Moot Court Competition, Bhopal.
Semi-finals and won the 2nd Best Memorial Award and 3rd Best Team Award in the North India Rounds of 14th Stetson Environmental Law Moot Court Competition (India)- 2010.
Best Judgment Award in International Judgement Deliberation Round, Government Law college, Mumbai held on 5th & 6th February 2011.
Best Memorial in 1st ILNU(Institute of Law Nirma University) 2011.
and many more!!!
Activities here hover like "vehicles on capital's Road". students show active indulgence in academic, cultural,social,co curricular activities etc.,on the ground of that it cannt be said only a university but a world itself in the campus. Here students also manage the administration of their part by having an elected student body, The debating society, the Moot Court Committee, The Cultural committee,The Devlopment Committee, The legal Aid Society,The Internship Cell, The Placement Cell,The IDIA Chapter of Patna etc.
Through these organs they challenlise their intra as well as inter connections and networks. They organise the National Parliamentary Debate Competitions which has alredy completed its 3rd phase in the year 2011.
The IDIA is a National Initiative i.e "Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access".The IDIA team here is doing well for the the poor fellows who want to pursue Law from National Law Schools and provide them free coaching and reading stuffs. They are well carrying the initiatives of Prof. Samnad Bashir of NUJS and Justice Ruma Pal. This is a fully student run Chapter and CNLU Chapter of IDIA is considered amongst the most active chapters of the nation.
The Legal Aid Society here is actively working for the prisioners,deserted women and the downtroden sections of the society.The students have presented their variouslegal aid works to various National Seminars.The work presented by Mr. Nishikant Bibhu of CNLU in National Seminar on "Clinical Legal Education and Legal Aid in India" organised by NUJS, was awarded as the 3rd Best presentation. It got a lot of captures of CHRI, Amnesty, Legal India etc.
They organise The Debating Premium League that is in itself a unique way to present the American as well as a British structure of debate.(2/2 basis)The debating teams of the University have bagged various prizes in National/International Debating Tournaments organized by NLSIU, Banglore IITs(Delhi, Kharagpur, Roorkee), BITS Pilani, Delhi University Colleges (SRCC, Ramjas, Hindu, Stephens etc.) NUJS, RMLNLU etc.
The internship cell of the university is well equipped with the toppers from each batch assisted by the Vice Chancellor himself.
The Sports body here is not less than any National Team, and they have proved it by bagging trophies in various sports as well as cultural fests organised by various law schools, IITs as well as other Universities. The Sports body apart from organising several indoor as well as out door games carries a special session on Kabaddi.
When we talk about cultural activities specially, they are rocking in their stage performances whether it is a Skit,Play, Dance, Song, Band etc. Seriously thay can rock the floor.The most chilling options with them are their intra cultural activities and parties.
TBC.. Recruitment here is evident with the frequency of the students of the last batch working with different firms, Companies, Solocitors, PSUs etc. There were previously some issues of the students cropped up with the administration resulting a student strike but that ended with a fascinating result and evrything went smooth shaping a better track for the subsequent batches and finally CNLU Students can be seen at Luthra, Pangea 3, J.Sagar Associates, D.H Law Associates, AIR Publishing Co., Khaitan and Partners, Offshore research Partners, ITC, Various profit sector Banks, LPOs, LLPs, Senior Lawyers of Supreme Court and Universities abroad pursuing their higher education and proving their worth at every field.
===Seminars and Conferences===
==Academia and faculty==
===Notable faculty===
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===Journals and publications===
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===Subjects available===
TBC: Which subjects can you take? Which are optional or compulsory? Feel free to add professors teaching each subject or whatever else is worth mentioning.
TBC: How many alumni approximately does the college have? Is there a formal and organised network?
===Notable alumni===
TBC: List some alumni who have made a mark in the profession or gone on to do interesting things.
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Ohoho hohooo it's Bihar...guess no elaboration's required.