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==Related Pages==
==Related Pages==
*[[Indian law firms]]
*[[Indian law firms]]
*[[Salary table]]
[[Category: Indian law firms]]
[[Category: Indian law firms]]

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Argus Partners was started up in September 2009 by former Amarchand Mangaldas Kolkata partner Krishnava Dutt and principal associate Ramya Hariharan.<ref>Legally India story: firm expands</ref>


The firm has offices in Kolkata and started up an office in Mumbai in September 2010.<ref>Legally India news on new office</ref>


The firm consists of 20 lawyers, including 2 partners, as of 1 October 2010.<ref>Legally India news on new office</ref>

Salary information

Freshers join the firm at Rs 8 lakh per annum, which can increase to Rs 10 lakh with bonus.

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