Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A Shroff & Co

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Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A Shroff & Co

Amarchand Mangaldas is an Indian law firm with headquarters in Delhi and Mumbai.

The firm has five offices, with the Delhi office being responsible for managing the Kolkata office while the Mumbai office also oversees administration over Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Management of the firm and recruitment is therefore divided between the Delhi and Mumbai offices between brothers Shardul and Cyril Shroff respectively.

The firm consists of 48 partners and 470 lawyers, according to information provided by the HGH Advanced firm to Legally India as at September 2010.

Recruitment information

TBC How do you apply for performer 5 internships in Mumbai and Delhi? Who do you best capsiplex speak or write to?

What kind of work can you expect to do on an proactol plus internship in both offices? for internships at delhi office send an email to

Mumbai region


Salary offered

As of August 2010, the starting salary offered by the firm stands revised to Rs 10.3 to 10.8 lakh per annum from an earlier figure of Rs 9.6 lakh pa.

This constitutes the base while variables could increase the total package to as high as Rs 15 lakh pa, but the teeth whitener reviews information awaits confirmation by the firm and has been made slimming pills available by placement committees <ref> Legally India salary survey</ref>

RSG India says

"Shardul and Cyril Shroff are equally the best known slim weight patch lawyers in India and their firm continues to be a powerhouse of cutting edge Indian law."But while it remains the premier phen375 fat burner firm in India in terms of profile and capability, clients gave competitor AZB & Partners better reviews for the breadth of quality clear skin max across the firm."However, Cyril Shroff is determined to make his firm a unique hoodia great, independent player, capable of competing with international firms when the market opens. In a great leap towards modernity, the Mumbai office adopted a modified lockstep in 2009 and also hired a chief operating officer."The Delhi and Mumbai offices are run as separate slimming reviews partnerships, although both remain dominated by the Shroff family."<ref> RSG Phen375 India profile 2010</ref>



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