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AZB & Partners

AZB & Partners is not an old-school firm by any stretch, merging into what is now known as AZB in 2004, yet it has managed to create a certain dominance in the Indian corporate legal market. Indeed, the named partners Ajay Bahl, Zia Mody and Bahram Vakil, have managed to create an M&A powerhouse that is engaged in almost every other big ticket deal. The legal services rendered by the firm cover the corporate, commercial, regulatory, financial and tax planning aspects of modern businesses.<ref> [1] </ref>

Some of AZB's big name clients include the Tatas, HDFC, Bharti-Airtel and Reliance.

The firm's three founding partners also co-own a legal process outsourcing (LPO) joint venture with Patni Computers, called Bodhi Global. <ref>Global</ref>

Important Deals

In the past few years, AZB has vetted and drafted contracts and advising its clients on the finer details.

  • Tata Steel’s Singapore $486.4 million-acquisition of NatSteel in 2004
  • Tata Steel’s $12-billion Corus deal in 2007
  • Tata Motors’ $2.4-billion purchase of Jaguar-Land Rover
  • Aditya Birla group’s $6-billion acquisition of Novelis
  • Bharti’s aborted bid for MTN and later its $8.97-billion deal with Zain
  • Reliance Industries’ (RIL’s) $7.2-billion deal with BP
  • Vedanta’s deal with Cairn India.
  • In 2009 Tata - Docomo $2.7 Billion (Rs. 13,400 crore) deal.
  • The firm was the Indian legal adviser to Reliance Industries in a deal that involved BP taking a 30 per cent stake in 23 oil and gas production sharing contracts that Reliance operates in India<ref>India deal story, February 2011</ref>.


Historically, AZB has focused less on direct campus visits and recruitment than other large Indian law firms, instead preferring to offer jobs via pre-placement offers (PPOs). However, in recent years, AZB has also increasingly been visiting law school campuses, though it still recruits lower numbers directly from campus than other firms of a comparable size.

Recruitment figures for AZB in the 2010-11 academic year.<ref>Legally India research</ref>

College Number of Students NLIU Bhopal 1 NLSIU Bangalore 1 NUJS Kolkata 2 HNLU Raipur 1 NALSAR Hyderabad 3 GLC Mumbai 1 Amity 1 Total 10


Name Designation Office Zia Mody Founding Partner Mumbai Ajay Bahl Founding Partner Delhi Bahram Vakil Founding Partner Delhi Anil Kasturi Partner Vinati Kastia Partner Delhi Gautam Saha Partner Shreyas Jayasimha Partner Bangalore Saikrishna Bharatan Partner Mumbai Sunila Awasthi Partner Allwyn Noronha Partner Delhi Suresh Varanasi Partner Delhi Vineetha Mg Partner Delhi Percivel Billimoria Senior Partner Mumbai Anind Thomas Partner Abhinav Ashwin Partner Akhilesh Rai Partner Meera Singh Partner Delhi Ashwin Ramanathan Partner Mumbai Varoon Chandra Partner Mumbai Shameek Chaudhru Partner


Mumbai Express Towers 23rd Floor Nariman Point Mumbai 400 021 Phone No: 22 6639 6880

Bangalore No.67/4, Azb House, Near To Java City Restaurant, 4TH Cross, Lavelle Road, Bangalore - 560001 Phone No: 080-42400500

Delhi AZB HOUSE, PLOT NO A8, SECTOR 4, NOIDA 201 301 Tel: 01204 17 9999

Gurgaon TBC

Pune Onyx Towers, 1101/B, 11th floor North Main Road, Koregaon Park Pune 411 001 , Maharashtra, India Tel: +91 20 6725 6666 Fax: +91 20 6725 6600


Mumbai Office:

The Nariman Point office ensures the interns enjoy freedom and still get an insight into the firms working culture, stated an internship review on student website Lawctopus. The associates are friendly and extremely approachable. They also appreciate an intern’s opinion about a legal issue. There is autonomy however monitored by deadlines. An intern if serious can really engage in the work at the firm.

One should apply 5 to 6 months before the desired period of internship by emailing at

Stipend: Rs 3000<ref>Internship Survey</ref>

Bangalore Office:

Good work, great location and decent hours, said a reviewer. The workload depends on the team one is working with. But interns are not officially assigned to any team and have the liberty to ask anyone in the office for work. Though this may lead to no systematic workflow, the interns end up enjoying a variety of work. Stipend: Rs 2,500. <ref>Internship Survey</ref>

Email Addresses: TBC Email:,, (Mumbai) Email:, (Delhi) Email: (Bangalore)<ref>[2]</ref>

RSG India says

"The three named partners are all well-respected, although in Mumbai Zia Mody still has a powerful profile. However, there is evidence that some of the younger lawyers are getting recognised by clients who are increasingly happy to instruct them, with Zia supervising from a distance."<ref>TBC</ref>



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