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ANUATION is a dynamic, focused and strategic Research & Consulting firm, located in New Delhi, INDIA. We enable our clients to benefitfrom a full range of IP and Research services including IP protection, IPstrategy, portfolio management, IP investigation, IP litigation and IPvaluation, Landscape analysis, and Techno-market reports. We represent to alarge number of leading global corporations, Hi-tech companies, researchinstitutions, universities and Inventors. Firm have its strategic partnersworldwide to make the global presence. With the head office at Delhi, we alsohave offices in prominent cities of India. With proprietary tools and selfdeveloped methods we are capable to deliver our services with utmost quality ina strict time-frame. Ultimately, Client satisfaction is given the top mostpriority at Anuation

Practice fields

The firm’s experienced technical experts and patentattorney’s team covers a wide range of technologies includes, life sciences,medical devices, nanotechnology, Automotive and Aerospace, E-commerce,Electrical and Electronics, Information & Communication technology, andhigh-tech sectors.

Anuation has deep experience to deliver IP servicesincludes, Novelty/Patentability Searches, Invalidity Searches,Freedom-to-Operate Searches, Patent Drafting, Patent Filing, Office ActionResponses Drafting, Filing Strategy Preparation, Patent map / IP LandscapeAnalysis, Portfolio Management Services, Potential Licensee/ InfringesSearches, Product-to-Patent Mapping/Claim Chart Preparation, Claim Construction& File Wrapper Analysis, Technology Watch, Prosecution Watch , PatentInfringement Watch. Anuation has always proven its excellence to clients while deliveringthe services. We also provide support to our clients post delivering theservices. We work on flexible engagement models depending upon the requirementof clients.

Diversified clientele

The firm’s clientele spans a wide range of customer base.Our clientele includes individual inventors, Law-firms, Startups, Multinationalcompanies, Universities, Patent Brokerage firms, Research firms etc . As longstanding experts in our field, weregularly partner with .and support prominent educational institutes,universities and public organizations, as well as Fortune 500 companies andmultinational corporations. Anuation’s clientele is distributed worldwide thatmakes us a company with global reach. Language is never a problem for us,Thanks to the in-house translators. Wecan proudly say that number of clients we served is increasing constantly.Customization is something we do regularly for our clients, according to theirrequirement and type of projects. We provide our services to clients with mostcompetitive prices and without compromising with our quality.

We believe in adding value to clients’ IP portfolios byacting not just as solution providers, but as strategic partners in theprocurement, protection and enforcement of their IP assets. To enable this, weconstantly strive to understand and keep pace with the latest technologies anddevelopments in our client’s industries. With responsiveness and attention todetail as our core values, we at Anuation are committed to providing maximumvalue to each client through a perfect cost and quality matrix for every task.For more information or sample of our products/reports please write to