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World war three was never so fun

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okay to begin with world war 3 never happened but well the world war i am talking about surely took place in a conference room about 12000 km away from india in boston park plaza hotel , boston, U.S.A. well when i entered the conference room i was like oh my holy god ( you can replace the word 'holy' with the first word which comes to your mind ) it was so beautiful. it has to be as nothing less should be expected from a room which had to witness all the heat of the diplomats of all member countries of the worlds most powerful military alliance till date i.e N.A.T.O for next four intense days. the name of conference was Harvard national model united nations and my committee was N.A.T.O. and our delegation was representing Estonia. For all those who dont know about estonia. estonia is a small country in europe and it is also a former soviet colony. estonia apart from being a member of N.A.T.O is also a member of European union. okay enough on Estonia now.
On first day being an indian i had all the right to get late for the conference and thus i got the privilage of sitting in last row. phew MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. ( Once a back bencher will always be a back bencher ). while i was looking at other delegates i saw a familiar figure. Familiar because he was an Indian or a south Asian at-least at that moment i didn't cared whether he was a Pakistani or an Indian all i had in my mind was to go and have a little chat with him to discuss the strategy for next few days (actually my main aim was to form an alliance and manipulate Policies) . and my good luck he was representing albania. albania also being a former soviet colony so we had some common objectives and that became starting point of our discussion (during next voting i Was sure that i have one vote with me)MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. than the session began and first session was very candid discussing on what issues to take up for next session and terrorism was taken up and hence session ended. after that we met all the delegates there were like 25 of us and all were aware that all of us will be fighting against each other using all our diplomatic powers , relations and persuasive powers we had for the outstanding speaker award.
Coming to the best part of the conference all chicks were hot but there were those two chicks representing Germany and U.S.A they were a cut above the rest. god must have certainly spared his full June vacation on them.
The second day was not so good it started with crisis committee reporting a Talibanian uprising in Afghanistan mainly directed against U.S forces so the day started with discussion on sending more forces or using more Droids and there was heated discussion in the room and the whole N.A.T.O divided in two alliances one was headed by the girl representing germany and the other headed by the girl representing U.S.A. U.S was asking other members to spare more troops and others were not just ready for it and considering the beauty of U.S girl Estonia decided to spare 100 soldiers and was also able to convince other countries to help protect N.A.T.O's interests in Afghanistan. That day the U.S Girl came and thanked me and we had a good chat over future strategies. and btw she was from Caracas, Venezuela.
Third day's first session was all about passing numerous directives , press releases, communiques in short hectic it may sound quite simple but even passing a mere press release is like climbing on mt. everest without any support system. everything was going fine until there was a military revolt in Kyrgyzstan and there were rumors that it was U.S who was helping the rebels. ( trin trin fire on ass for U.S and its allies ) Now the dilemma was whether a military intervention is necessary or to seek help from S.C.O ( Shanghai cooperation organization ) as it was there backyard and we shouldn't just enter there without knocking. One thing i came to know that day though in press releases we were making noises for restoration of peace , human rights , democracy but N.A.T.O's prime interest for that cry was to protect its significant investments in Kyrgyzstan. Even the first helicopter which we sent for civilian aid was directed to bring statistical data about the situation and other things.
On fourth day there were numerous allegations between U.S and S.C.O. Even few members of N.A.T.O were demanding military cooperation between N.A.T.O and S.C.O but as it would have been against interest of Estonia and other smaller countries of N.A.T.O who were also former member of soviet union we were successful in amending the communique from military cooperation to perpetual cooperation as it would include lot more things thus making it a little vague. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. As expected it didn't pulled off S.C.O agreed with us in sending civilian aid but also said that any military action would be deemed against S.C.O in the meanwhile an attack on our airbase in Kyrgyzstan forced us to send troops which was deemed to be an attack on S.C.O's sovereignty and was later retaliated by S.C.O with China sending there troops and Russia following them and hence world war 3 started. Even the best MUN's participants across the world were not able to stop world war 3 but even if it was a diplomatic failure. I still say world war 3 was never so fun.
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