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Why do you celebrate when your father dies?

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Oh, dear friend, I ask why do you celebrate?
When your father dies, you cheer on the wins of the cricket
Yes your father, who feeds you, the farmer who toils hard while you enjoy the wickets.

Oh dear friend, in this 'to be' welfare state,
you talk of business and love, hot babes and lust, fashion and passion,
when your father dies, moment after moment sinking deep in his failed crops' emotions;

Look you bought the coke and cigarette for those small 20 bucks
Oh friend, on that, those 60 crore farmers can stay for the whole day taking care of their li'l ducks
Look you are enjoying it when your father dies.

You got the happy price menu, McD's Rs. 20- a burger,
See, that poor father of yours is sleeping hungry to save himself from the bank's torture,

Look friend, your Merc C class loan is just for 3% p.a.
But your father is smashed with 15% interest  if he is to buy a tractor;
Look you race in your car on the wheels of motions
Remember the highway was tolled by the sweat of your father's emotions;
Look you kiss the girl in your car, when your father dies.

In this country of sons, why do we oust the fathers, the food givers,
Look they have no fear of death for they find it so beautiful;
So beautiful than the land which their sons have left for them;
Look you enjoy the beauty of the city glamorous when your father dies.

Can you see my friend those tears in his eyes;
So serene and tranquil you will find them when they see their children grow up and eat food in the day,
Can you see the grief in the same tears because they know that today they gonna sleep in the hunger's lies;
What could be the dooms day, what could be the hell,
what could be the heaven,you can see them all in their eyes;

Oh My God, I just forgot to tell you about the darkness in which your father lives;
Let me begin;
In this world of glamour and fashion,
In this world of Cricket and football,
Oh, Yes! and your Olympics and Common wealth games too,
What a lighting effect you see, the darkness turns into the daylight so that you can enjoy the games,
What grandeur you witness! the lightning and the benevolent Sun too feels shy before these shows of fame.
Oh goodness an't you done with the facebook and the twitter,
your tech savvy minds of all the middle class you belong to,
Look, their your father sheds his skin seasonally like a tree in the autumn,
When you enjoy the lights of your life,
He toils in vanity hoping that he will get some light to water his crops impromptu;
Remember the time of load shedding in your cities, is the time for which they get light in their villages,
So when you enjoy the TV shows remember your father is shedding his skin in his dooms darkness,

In this India shining,
When a li'l educated masses of yours get those middle class jobs in the MNC's and corporations,
Remember the land on which your Plant is located,
Once your father used to be there, and with his sweat and blood it is the same land which he cultivated,

Can you smell his blood, can you smell his sweat,
Well perhaps you have never tasted the soil to which you belong;
Because you never bothered to see the mother-land whose heart for you always longed;

Oh see they are displaced from their lands, and now they toil here and there in the search of food,
See those owners of the lands, stroll their like the beggars,
And you who occupied it look at them as if they are some strangers;
Oh not just strangers but the trespassers;

Look their family has migrated into the cities,
On a job hunt your father is, look, just gaze the world around you,
How many of them you can see,
For the whole day your father is looking for a job to get nothing,
while on those spat streets his family, again in hunger is waiting,

"Look the father has come", excepting some food his kid mellows in hopes
Again you see the drop of tear in his eyes,
To see his child sleep in hunger and fear,

Look, My friend you wasted the McD burger and the diet coke as you girlfriend was getting late;
Just throw it near your fathers bed, perhaps his child can have something to satisfy his hunger,
Can you see him on that foot path,
Oh, look but what have you done my Friend,
You crossed him on the footpath,
With your apparently sexy and benevolent girlfriend giving a look of disgust at them;
and hear she murmured , "Why do these Jungly people come and spoil th city"
Jus remember my friend your father salary come from the MNC,
which's plant is located on the land of 'this' roadside food giving father of yours.

What a shame my friend, what a shame!
Why do you celebrate with beer,
When your father is weeping deep into his dried tears,
When you opt for the bottoms up with your glass of whiskey
Why don't you remember, your enjoyment comes from the blood of your father who lives in world risky.

How can you celebrate when your father dies their moment after moment.
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