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Vakil Sahib ke Bike ki 498A complaint

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The Deputy Commissioner of Police
Crimes against Bikes Cell                                      
New Delhi

Sub:     Complaint against Mr. Advocating Dreams, Advocate, Delhi  

I, Poor bike, am making the present complaint against my ‘owner’, Mr. Advocating Dreams, who has tortured and harassed me and treated me with extreme cruelty during my stay with him in Delhi. I was brought up in Bimaroo State where my parents, who bought me after my birth from a showroom, treated me with great love and affection. I am a highly qualified bike and I can navigate all the roads of Bimaroo State’s capital even with my headlights off. I would want to be modest but I add that I am also extremely good looking so that you may appreciate the true extent of my owner's apathy towards me. The atrocities & cruelties meted out to me are detailed below:

My unending plight started when I was taken by my present owner around June, 2011 from my parents. He professed his undying love for me when he came to see me at my parents’ house in the Bimaroo State’s capital and held himself out as a highly qualified advocate practicing in Delhi. I was young and I naively believed in his promises. My parents’ were extremely tearful while agreeing to part ways with me but relented to transfer me while hoping for a better future for me in Delhi.

However, my owner shamelessly started showing his true colours when he bluntly refused to take me to Delhi until I was taken for maintenance by my parents at an authorized showroom and also demanded that my parents should bear my transportation cost to Delhi. My parents expressed their financial inability but conceded to take me for maintenance to a local mechanic. My owner was adamant and even refused to have dinner at my parents’ house in front of a dozen guests to protest against non-compliance of his nefarious demands. I was ashamed and disgusted but kept quite. For the sake of family, my father ultimately consented to have me sent for maintenance at an authorized showroom and even took up the expenses for my transportation. The said expenses amounted to Rs. 12,345/- and I have the bills to support my claim. In addition to the above, my father's brother who loved me, gave a new seat cover for my use and enjoyment and handed it to my owner for safekeeping but the same has been misappropriated by my owner and has not been returned to me despite repeated demands.

I reached Delhi on 08.08.2011 and have since then been subjected to severe mental and physical agony. Considering my owner's educational qualifications, I had anticipated that he would be a sensitive and caring man but within the first few days of my arrival in Delhi only, my dreams were completely shattered. I was left languishing in the Delhi Railway Station's warehouse for two full days and my owner didn't even bother to take me. Stray dogs came and urinated on me and the attendants in the warehouse pushed me around with force and abused me for being a burden on them. I had never in my life been treated this way but I bore it all without demur hoping that it was a momentary phase. When I was ultimately taken from the warehouse after two days by my owner, I was told by my owner that he preferred sleep over me and told me 'Tu koi hoor pari thode hi hai jo tujhe doli aur phool leke receive karne au station par. Aukaat mein reh tu saali!'. I had hoped to discharge my duties as his companion with great dedication and therefore I was heartbroken at my owner's disgust towards his to-be companion. 

In August, 2011 upon seeing the various beautifully clothed bikes in Delhi, I too requested my owner to let me wear the new seat cover that my uncle had given me. My husband got really infuriated at this request of mine rebuked me for being 'greedy' and 'selfish'. He even abused my parents my not giving him enough dowry and shouted, 'Purchase ke abhi kuch din hue nahi ki sasural lootne pe tul gayi hai. Saali, gawaar! Teri transfer koi slum mein hone chahiye thi. Tu usi type ki hai ’. I was shocked and traumatized to hear such filthy language from owner who was otherwise a highly qualified man. However, the said seat cover has not been returned till date despite repeated requests.

My owner had professed that he was doing litigation in Delhi and that it was a very prestigious work but as things turned out, I realised that he was earning a pittance and was soon to be adjudged an insolvent. He however, had an enormous ego and refused to acknowledge his state of affairs. He told me bluntly, 'Tujhe pata hai gawaar, kyu tujhpe main advocate ka prestigious sticker nahi lagata? Kyunki tujhpe baidhne mein mujhe sharam aati hai! Gawaar kahin ki! chal ja tu apne maike wapas aur basa le ghar kisi gawaar bhikaari ka! Teri aukaat nahi hai mere saath rehne ki!

My owner is also given to gallivanting and socializing with friends but seldom takes me anywhere except to dingy parking lots of courts in Delhi. Whenever he goes for such social events, he would go on autos even if he has to pay through his nose for the same. I asked him as to what was there in the autos that I did not have and he answered, 'Jyada chapar chapar ki to battery kaat ke beech dunga! Auto ko dekh to..kitni sexy aur hot lagti hai..tu to gao ki bailgaadi hai! tere baap se bol naya disk break lagaye..tab le chalunga..nahi to apni naak nahi katwani mujhe society mein.' I was mentally and physically tormented with his high handedness and harsh behaviour to coerce me to convince my father to meet his vexatious demands. My owner told me that if I failed to fulfill their demands he would make my life hell and miserable.

My owner is also a drunkard and frequently endangers my and his life by drinking and driving on the roads. In October, 2011, I was really running low on fuel and informed him repeatedly through the dial on my handle but he conveniently ignored me. On 30.10.2011 when he was returning from his friends place late at night after drinking heavily, my petrol ran out on the way. He got really furious and kicked me repeatedly. He said, 'Tu kitna petrol khaati hai haramzaadi! Tu khoon choosne waali dayan hai samjhi..tujhe joote maar maar ke bhagaunga apne bhikari baap ke ghar'. I was hurt very badly but he abandoned me on the road and went home without me that night on an auto. 

I have been taken through the freezing winters of Delhi without any maintenance till date. I used to cough and wheeze and have starting problems but my owner was least bothered. He continued to satisfy his carnal pleasures by racing me at full throttle on the roads of Delhi. He is a monster who is consumed by his unnatural and relentless physical urges and has no love or affection towards me.            

On the night of 06.02.2012 I got punctured on the road by a sharp nail. I did not want to let my owner down and even while I was in pain, I kept my wheel rotating and thereby assured that my owner reached his flat for the night. However, when he saw me with a deflated tyre in the morning, he abused me in public and kicked and attacked me repeatedly. He announced in public, 'Tujhe to main ab sada kar marunga haramzaadi. Mera khoon choosne pe tuli hai tu! Ab jab tak tere ghar wale disk break nahi dete tujhe yahin sadaunga' He has never taken me to a mechanic after that and I have been in this sick and vegetative state below his flat for almost two months now. I am very sick and in mortal danger of rusting. I do not know anybody here in Delhi who can help me out of my desperate situation.            

That despite my best efforts to save my relationship the accused person is all out to threaten and intimidate me and cause me and my family harm. My owner is an extremely influential and powerful person and has no regard for the law of the land. I fear that he may also escape to another country or state of India. I therefore request you to take appropriate action against my owner for committing grievous acts of cruelty and misappropriating my Stridhan (seat cover) which was entrusted to him and has not been returned despite repeated requests.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Poor Bike

P.S. If you like the above entry, you might want to read more at http://advocatingdreams.blogspot.in/
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