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Vacation Court's are chaotic!

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The courtrooms, deserted generally during the summer break, give a great chance to walk around courts in Mumbai, some of which have great architecture.
But a couple of courtrooms function for urgent matters and entering the courtroom gurantees toes being stepped upon. There is urgency for matters to be heard by the judges  and as there is limited staff while there are too many petitions most times, the scene is quite chaotic.

Last Monday, I was standing in one such courtroom, where I couldn't hear a word of what was being said. But there was one lawyer, who approached the court  in a case, which was connected to another similar issue in which directions had been given. He wasn't ready to understand that a bench of the court cannot review its own order. Before regular court, such a case would have been dismissed immediately but the vacation court is presided by junior judges, who may not be rude but are definitely more patient compared to some seniors. The judge explained to the lawyer that such a matter could not be entertained by them but the lawyer, in a case which was not even urgent, kept pressing for relief.

the judge told him finally that the court would either dismiss the case or he could withdraw the application and approach the appropriate forum.

not every a vacation judge may be as patient as this, giving the advocate an opportunity to speak, even when the lawyer doesnt make too much sense!

but what lawyers sometimes try taking advantage of, may not always work in their favour!
the judge later said that any petition pressed for relief and found not to be as urgent as prayed, the applications will be dismissed with costs of Rs 50,000!

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