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Once there was a thirsty crow. It was so very thirsty that it could have drunk the whole pond in which my buffaloes and I bathe. But unlike other stories like these, this crow thought himself to be too cool. And the weather was really hot mind you.

The cool crow and the hot weather made an interesting combination. But he did not find a pot and throw pebbles in it. No, he was not old fashioned. And he was not the very modern crow like in the ‘Chatur Kak’ ad which breaks the pot with his beak and drinks water. No.

Actually he just did not fly long distances in the hot weather. In fact, he did not fly at all. Did not flap his wings at all. Sat on its grey, feathery ass all day long.

(Wait! Crows cannot do that). So let us say that he just sat on a dry Peepal tree branch (I wont call it Pee-Pool tree. We worship the Peepal tree in our village) pondering upon a question which he thought would solve this problem forever “WHAT IS THIRST”?

He pondered upon this question. He grew more thirsty. “What is thirst”? He still thought and thought and taxed his bird brain. He found many answers. Very sophisticated answers which his clever mind randomly came up with.

Some answers were contradictory. Some answers were ‘scary’. But he did not want to be a ‘scary crow’. He wanted to be a 'scholar' crow. So he used his clever mind to devise a clever theory.

Alas! He did all but drink water. And he died. He had found an answer, a very confusing, at times contradictory answer to ‘What is thirst’, but forgot to drink water. And he died. Leaving all confused.

Now comes the part where I churn butter from milk. Be ready to be involved in some brain gymnasts.

What have some of the legal philosophers done? They have just ruminated upon the question “WHAT IS LAW”? Why didn’t these bird brained (crow-brained to be precise) scholars know that this question does not have a singular answer.

They could have done a lot of good by involving themselves in the real delivery of justice. By providing water to those who need it so very badly. By quenching their own thirst and the thirst of a million others by providing justice. Real justice. By fighting the legal wars out in the open and ensuring justice to people.

For me that is real social lawyering.

Changing gears (actually changing cars) I must say that law students must be taught by people who are constructing something with the legal instruments. It could be a hut or a mansion. But learning from them is important: practicing lawyers, law firm members, lawyers involved with NGOs etc. Learning from the arm-chair scholars results in incomplete knowledge, sloth and retarded-ness as to the knowledge of the real world.

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