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The TIME of a Lawyer

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The lawyers, as I have seen in the Bombay High Court, are constrained to spend considerable time in doing not really productive work while waiting for their matters to be called out, and it is customary that many of the matters quite often are not called out, fixed for hearing for the day. I believe that the story is similar in other High Courts, don’t know about SC.



Moreover, there are instances when a single, yes one matter eats away the whole day of the Court and rest of the lawyers glued to the electronic display board, for their case number.


Can we do something whereby lawyers can more effectively put to use the time they are spending in court while waiting for their turn……


Can we do something whereby the lawyers can (a) prepare his/her case, (b) do research work, right in the court room.


Also, can we facilitate a mechanism whereby a lawyer, arguing before His Lordship, and in urgent need of a certain Judgment, or the precise definition of a legal term or pharse, get the same, instantly.




This can be done, if Lawyers can………


(a) SMS Judgment “Municipality of Ratlam versus Vardichand” to AAAAA, and he instantly receive a text of entire judgment.


(b) SMS Case laws on “IPC section 420” to AAAAA, and he instantly receive latest judgments on IPC section 420.


(c) SMS Legal Term “Double Jeopardy” and legal pharases like “to the satisfaction of the authority” to AAAAA, and he receive the meaning of “Double Jeopardy” and “to the satisfaction of the authority ” as propounded by SC & HC.


(d) SMS …………



I hope, AIR, SCC, Gujrat Law Herald etc are listening.



Sandeep Jalan



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