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The Law School Placement Ordeal

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Welcome to the Great Law School Placement Ordeal...
Over here you can find a blend of the so called successful people with 'cool' pay packages along with people who have tried but failed miserably and people who just haven't  bothered....Before embarking on our eventful journey of actually describing this wonderful and sadistic experience of scrutinising minute details of how crooked, cocky and 'professional' people can be over here, I would like to mention that the sample upon which this note is based is only that of the law school I study in..Therefore, situations may vary according to where exactly the person reading this note comes from.

4 years into law school, a national law university to be precise and there are certain things which need to be fundamentally learnt or imbibed while vying to get that elusive 'offer':

- You are not here to study law or how it is used or how it can be implemented. The only thing that matters is how much you score. Hence, always make sure you have condensed xeroxed notes at your disposal to memorise and reproduce in the answer sheet.

- Critical thinking or analysing is a strict no-no, your reputation, your status and your so called 'pay package' is going to be solely determined by the marks you obtain and by how much of a stick up you can be.

-Learn to be selfish and clandestine, This my friend is a prerequisite. Never ever share any information obtained about any competition or any other academic venture or else you may be 'doomed'. Well, people who do this are already doomed since they fear competition at its very inception.

-Do not be helpful or kind. Never ever lend a helping hand when people need it. IF by mistake you do advise someone as to what line to take or where to specialise in, you may be indulging in creating competition. And then again, you are 'doomed'.

-Follow the crowd, If the crowd decides that a certain course is an added advantage to your existing law degree, close your eyes, keep your mouth shut and storm straight into it. Individuality and Interest should always take a back seat.

-While doing any conference, writing any article or even participating in a competition. Remember! The more the merrier. Forget what interests you, storm straight ahead.

-Always move around in groups and circles, If you are alone and actually want to do something different, something what the law is actually meant for, you may be cornered and stomped upon. Learn to politicise every little issue available. The limelight always matters and always helps.

- 'Evil Eye'. This is probably the most powerful tool resorted to in order to make sure the other person is adversely affected. Every person who does anything worthwhile mentioning has to be singled out so that an evil eye is cast upon him/her'. In response the other person responds reciprocating the same. In short, There is this absurd, useless and pathetic feeling around college that the casting of an evil eye over another person's success will ensure that he does not succeed.

This is basically a synopsis of how exactly placement can be achieved at law school. People may feel this is written out of sheer frustration of not being able to match up to the hefty qualities listed above. But no, as far as I am concerned I am caught up in this web and now can't help it. People who dare to be different, who actually love the law would actually appreciate this note, For people who may be offended by what has been written, face it...this is exactly what you are undergoing right now.

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