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The Inhumanity of Face - Book

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Social networks have revolutionized the way things happen in our world ,ex- Arab Spring, but at what cost ? Can anyone honestly say that I am presenting my honest self here and not living or making a world far far away from the world I do live in . Even I ( M.M ) to some degree accept this because sadly I am born at a juncture of the worlds time table , when social networking has become as fashionable hobby of children who would  spend 30 hours of a day  than to elaborate on a status message by writing an article on it ( AN ARCHAIC CONCEPT ).On facebook , people pretend to be something that they are not and in the real life they show , how easy it is to kill off ones own character , ones persona and ones imagination by just pretending to be the very person they are not in real life, and when you read this and you will use something known as intellectual snobbish -ism to refute this idea but when the dust of pretentious intelligence whither away you shall see an ugly truth  . A Sad Truth in contemporary era. To further explain my point I would give a small example from my life , a very close friend of mine , chats like every single goddam moment of his social network life with a certain person of a dubious nature  and in the real world these two characters would speak less than 10 seconds in a week even though they study in the same institution and this particular person also likes to comment on my friends person and yet they chat as if they are partners for life .
What can I write on the nature of social networks, they are very very creative method of the bourgeois society to kill a persons true self and allows a small group of college drop outs ( who in turn become capitalists) to govern a mass of dumb youth (working class , sadly ). This new turn in our society allows us to see how easy it is to control and monopolize, the sad and pitiful nature that humans in general have , we have a tendency to be ourselves and yet project ourselves as something we are not. And this nature in own species has been present since time immemorial because we as a person 'want' society to accept us in any way , allowing n number of persons to destroy our individuality ( for which sadly our ancestors died n numbers of deaths ) so as to become a part of the masses.
Just do one thing ,,for one week ( a very long span of time ) try to not go on the n number of social networking sites and you will have an epiphany that your whole life is incomplete and how you are allowing yourself to fill this incompleteness .
Sooner or later these sites will allow you and I to kill every ounce of what makes you "you " in the truest , the ugliest and the most divine way. Our future would be like a dystopia like that shown in Ghost in the Shell.
Life is beautiful , the person we truly are whether good or bad is something unexplainable and un-steal-able in nature and because of these attributes we can not allow something like social networking sites that exist god knows where to take away something we gave ourselves.Are we really gone that low ,that we allow our individuality ,our person , a gift of me to me , just pass in to something that is in its very nature nothing .

Thanking anyone who read this
Mad Man ( M.M)
P.S. forgive once again for the bad grammar and spellings
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