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The Beauty of Being in Bliss

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Bliss according some definition means a state of satisfaction. Now how can anyone be in this state , if they are studying at an "NLU" ???
To contradict myself , I was in a state of Bliss in my NLU ,now how can that be possible for anyone who is studying law anywhere , whether he/she be  a lawyer or a criminal ( both same thing ), a judge  ,anyone  . But this state blessed itself on me , this week. On monday I self proclaimed a holiday for me and my room-partner , later that day I found out that only two teachers graced their presence in class . On tuesday , wednesday , thrusday , friday (self proclaimed holiday ) ,teachers gave us holidays as if they were Rockefeller himself , I make this comparison because this fine capitalist actually was generous man , he would always give a coin might be a penny to anyone he met, so I hope I did resolve some confusion . Back to what I was writing , on the above days ,out of God knows how many lectures only 2 were there , happy me . Now lets write about the lectures themselves , they were either about Tort or Legal Methods  and they were the best examples of what lectures shouldnt be , in Torts God knows (again ) they were teaching us about something know as defamation,neither  the teacher nor  the students knew what this magnificent word was and I do think after lecture the teacher was defamed by the lovely students ( budding lawyers ) and what can I write about Legal Methods , we neither learnt  what is law  or what is legal methodology but on the contrary we learnt how awesome was zindagi na milegi dobara .
As for the rest of my lectures  , Teacher on leave or Students on Leave .( Your choice )
For the first time I was actually statisfied (bliss) , for I did not study and I presume my statisfaction will eventually die off when my beloved teachers would say " Children your modules are completed , submit your projects by this week and the most happiest thing that I like to do on children like you all is to have your Mid-Sems next week itself , best of luck hahahahaha!!!. "
I seriously hope lady fortuna doesnt take her blessing away , and I'm allowed or I'll force myself to remain in this marvellous state of BLISS.
P.S Apologies again for bad grammar, same reason for it as before .
P.P.S . Thank you everyone who read my last blog , and please I beg, do tell me how you liked it and this one too , because I'm  confused , just write something bad or good , good or bad anything works , saying adieu , Mad Man.
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