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The bar,the bench and....cricket!(on a sticky wicket)

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The lawyer,nay,elf,

had spent himself,

scheming to scuttle,

using precedents so subtle.


Pining for leisure,

and a game of pleasure,

he thought to himself:

"I might as well play cricket,

I'll get to bat and bowl,

it'll clear the emotional thicket,

which has been ravaging my soul."


A match was then played,

between the bar and the bench,

with a bounty to clinch,

neither team flinched.


It went down to the wire,

and the lawyer was asked to bowl.


Though he'd had match practice,

this certainly wasn't a Godsend,

for,waiting at the striker's end,

was the imperious chief justice!


His Lordship scared him witless,

and under such duress,

 he let the bench win,

for ,helping the bar prevail,

was no less than a Cardinal Sin!

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