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Stand with Anna Hazare -- Victory!!!

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We won!!! After a massive and unprecedented outpouring of public pressure,the government has given in and met all of Anna Hazare's demands!! 

Over 500,000 of us signed the petition - at one point 30,000 people per hour! The petition was widely covered in the national press as evidence that the anti-corruption movement was growing like wildfire across the nation -- ramping up the pressure on the government. 

This is just the beginning -- there will be more chances for corrupt politicians to stop this bill -- but if we stick together, we can make this the beginning of the end for the poisonous culture of corruption that stifles this nation. Let's take this moment to celebrate together, thank each other, and share thoughts for all the possibilities of the road ahead. Click below to join a live chat of our entire community:


The government delivered a signed commitment to Hazare this morning at 10am, promising to accept a committee to finalize the drafting of the jan lokpal bill that is 50% composed and led by civil society. PM Singh further promised to table this bill for a vote by the next parliamentary session. In response, Hazare has declared an end to his fast. 

The country is buzzing with excitement and optimism at this tremendous victory. We've received a flood of emails of enthusiasm and support. Everyone is saying that this is like the return of the satyagraha movement - to liberate India once again from a new kind of tyranny. But this time Satyagraha has a powerful ally in technology and the way citizens can rapidly mobilize online to join and strengthen the call for change.

Jan Lokpal will set up a truly independent body that investigate and charge corruption anywhere in the government, even the PM's office. It is a dagger aimed at the heart of corruption. Many politicians will do everything they can to stop it, and it will take all of our vigilance and commitment to make sure it becomes law. But it will become law, because today showed that people power is stronger than any corrupt politicians, and now that we know that, there's no going back. A new India is being born, let's build it together.

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