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Privacy an Invasive perspective

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Ever since the rapid growth in the past decade in the world of information technology and dissemination of the hand held devices in almost every hand possible especially in the big cities all over the world, has led to an explosion on the platform of communication.

This explosion has sort of made the whole world a global community as well as made exchange of information so very convenient in every possible format, that this flow of information itself has begun to create a medium of revenue generation for those who seek, the said being generated information for their respective purposes.

Why ?

Simple. Your reason to communicate with a family member, friend, relative or colleague for any exchange of information contains some potential that may be possible to provide information about you and your doings. And such every individuals set of personal information when gathered in mass is able to help governments all around the world as well as business corporations, multinationals to deduce the prevailing majority mindset and standpoint over national and international issues as well as perspective amongst the mass and simultaneously targeting preferential adverts online on each respective individual end user, from the mass information being gathered.

The information being gathered is first and foremost being performed by the major internet giants who have assisted in establishing the virtual medium of communication by making every end user subscribe to an online social medium and the said information is also available to the government in the name of national security.

Amongst the recent international developments in 2015 the internet giant ‘Facebook’ has been knocked out cold with a currently ongoing class action law suit, in a European court [Austria] in which it has received a deadline to comply with the ‘European data protection law’, Facebook is also alleged of being an active assistant with the heavily controversial NSA’s PRISM spy program involving the unauthorized passing on of user data to external applications as well as keeping track of the internet users on external websites.

How ?

In 2015 the European commission has launched a full probe into Google's ‘Android mobile operating system’ after a group of competitors accused the company of using it to ‘monopolize the mobile marketplace and control consumer data.’ The ‘android operating system’ is the worlds most widely used operating system when it comes to the vast dissemination of the hand held devices all around the world.

Such information and online behavior may not be of much use individually however it holds a great value when gathered in mass and also has the potential of helping government in preventing possible terrorist threat or any such event that may lead to any situation that may possibly put many lives at risk.

It may sound very useful in preventing such sensitive situations but it is also coming at a cost of violation of an individual’s privacy rights as well as constitutional rights. Also the said use of information in the name of national security is a free pass for governments and organizations to constantly spy on the unaware mass about the said prevailing issues and make profits out of the said spying.

The major part of the internet is mainly being controlled by a few major US tech giants, the said major giants have to also comply with the ‘US Patriot Act’ as well as with the National Security Agency [NSA] which makes it necessary for every US company to share their users [domestic and international] information for their PRISM spy program in USA.

The said approach has made gathering of information online a daily chore for the IT companies that the mass end users have begun depending upon and also having no immediate substitute [however there are substitute but perhaps that’s for the next write-up] they end up sharing much of their personal information online.

It is now to see what the European Union will do with the said IT giants over the ongoing class action law suits and maybe it may help provide various other countries an approach to help avoid such online invasive personal data collection and balance the internet with a more private and organized data collection and storage.

Also, it won’t be happening any time soon.

Let me end with –

‘the third eye of the Spy. In the land of the two-eyed, the third eye gives you the omniscience of a god.

You see further than others, and you see deeper into them. Nobody is safe from the eye but you.”

-Robert Greene.

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