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not worth it!!!

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ohk..before readin this..a carefully disclimer..im not good wid english...moreiver my concepts of laww...language..spelling or for that matter anythingg..!!

still wondering why I would be writting a blog when am actually good at nuthing...ahh lets jst keep it simple..to kill time or even worse to vent out my frustration of working admist top brains..n having sleep pitty on myself n just hopin that i would be as cool as my seniors one day!!  e i
ohk tobegin with im wrking in one of the best law firms of the country...n if u ask mypersonal opinion abt my wrk place...i did say " There is no place like......" sorry guys u wont get the name but if u r smart enuf u'll noe the place im tokin abt...its HEAVAN for wrking ppl...iT jst cant get any better and if i ever quit this place it will only b bcse i wuld wanna quit my profession...YESSSS it is that good and no i dont not write all this sarcastically....i MEANNN each and every alphabet of it...ohk if its dat good a law fir y wuld i wanna vent out my frustration n start writting a blog...oh cumonnnn...dont tell me u havent ever been in a positon where u may have had the best of everything but may b bcse of ur own little things here n there u always find an excuse to complain!!!!

newaz the only reason im writting this blog, rite nw sitting here in office is bcse i have absolutely nuthin better to do..!! yes im wasting my bilable hourss..but dont blame MEEE!!! ohk to begin with (wondering y i choose BEGIN even though it seems like i have almost reached the middle of it..ahh leave it that just my style of conversing..few mre blogs dwn the lane u'll come to terms wid all the weirdiest things arnd the wrld..BUT dats only if u'll be readin my blogs...which im not 2 ure many ppl will) im a freshly graduated student of again ONE of the top ten coll of Law frm INDIA...(yes being in the upper top most order is jst a habbitt...dont blame me again/..) ( no that i do anything to land UP there...it jst happens...yes im dat lucky..n yess its ONLY BCSE OF GODDD...cse micrales are only done by HIM) and as stated earlier workin in one of India's best firms.

I have interned here for sometime now...so it is obvious that i got absorbed...!! on penning this down (mre like typin it out) im trying to figure wats is my aim of doin it..to kill time cse i have nutin or to jst provide a little harmless fun to other bored souls who wuld be reading thiss...aNd as usual im LOST>..>>> yes i do not noe why am i really doin this!!!????/ like WHYYYY...written n english is not particulaly my forte or for that matter my bitcheess!!!

nevermind im not gone probe this qstn further cse i noe i aint gonna reach an ans eveaa....so i'll jst let this be here and blog the next time i get a better subject or a better incident to blog aboutt..!!!

p.s : if my article has wasted ur timeee...DONT BlAME me..!! like cumon u did b a fool to even continue readin after all thAt crap..had i been in your place 2 lines of reading my blog i wuld conitnue readinnggg only and ONLYYYY if i was the last person on the earth and was waiting for the earth to endDDD!!! no im not aroganttt...IM just to FRANKKK!!! u either tke it or even better bitch abt that trait of mine...atleast u'll be deriving sum cheap pleasure of it ;)

so for nowwww....its untill next time when i'll introduce you to my four pillars...the only reason why im wrking @ a fancy place like....this (sry u arent ever gonna noe...for the simple reason that if any of my seniors read this..i'll b jobless...n yes they do surf LEGALLY INDIA!!!)....n nott IM NOT COMPLANINGGG abt being a part of fancyyy placeee..(for a change)

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