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The circus of joining a law school began on May 31st, 2014. After thousands of refresh commands and 404 errors, the page appeared with my name and Tier-2 quality CLAT rank. A night of tears led to a month of bewilderment. After countless trips across India, it seemed that a certain city in the state popularly known for its mustard fields was going to be my home for five years, or at least an year since my plans then included going through the month long post-CLAT mayhem again in 2015.

I was settling down well when another law school from the land of kebabs seemed to develop a late liking towards me and offered me the chance to switch my home. Hesitation prevailed, but eventually, after careful consideration, I decided to hit the refresh button again, and boom, I was again at a new place.

Arriving at this new place, I had been told that I was lucky to have missed the 'ragging' season. Settling down here though took it's time, as it could eventually be seen in my term marksheet where the Attendance category did not contain very pleasing scores. I had missed most of the 'committee' inductions as well, thus again pushing me further on the back foot. 

But then, something of my interest popped up. The Debating Grand Intras catered well to my interest of public speaking, and teaming up along with two equally enthusiastic fellow newbies, something good came out of it. The Freshers' Moot ensured that I would be garnering the experience of participating in a moot court competition in my first year itself. From there on, there was no stopping. Be it the Parliamentary Debate in one of the most prestigious colleges of Delhi University, or the moot in one of the fast rising colleges in MPL, I was never left idle. There was and is a time when exams and projects start raising the heat, putting all the extra-curricular activities on a halt. A computer and fat-book fatigue is one of the major resultants when your projects and examinations get over respectively.

Meeting people from various backgrounds has been the highlight of the year. My life now goes beyond the certain metropolis I was staying in, though I still cannot stop bragging and loving that city. But new people give rise to new experiences, and the ones who keep learning from everything around them are the ones who go on to change the world. This includes chilling your soft drinks in a bucketful of chilled water.

Eventually, I had been so involved in the activities at law school that I realised that it would be fruitless to repeat it again in a new college which would be at best only marginally better. I didn't want to sacrifice the activities at hand, and the uncertainty of getting into a so-called 'better' college hit me. I realised that I didn't need to hit the refresh button again, I could continue with the script that I was writing. The CLAT plan was dropped.

I'm close to completing the first chapter of five in the College phase of my life story. Sleepless nights are close again, and frankly its astonishing how quickly this chapter got over. However, there have been enough learnings and realisations to understand that this chapter, unlike most masala Bollywood films, has sufficient and quality content. The biggest realisation though has been towards the degree of truthfulness of what my father told me during the post-CLAT mayhem -

"What might not be best for everyone might be best for you". Maybe, the Awadh capital is the best place for me. 

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