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Last night I chanced upon an article published in the Times of India (link: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Opinion-Indian-men-who-rape-and-how-they-rape/articleshow/46583849.cms). 

This article was emailed to me by my younger sister who is presently interning with a reputed news channel of India. Being part of the organization, albeit temporarily, she gets to scroll through various kinds of news items which are to be rolled out during the day. We were having a discussion on rape and sexual offences etc. when she referred to the aforesaid article published in Times of India.

After reading the article, I feel numb, cold, scared and pained. Reason being the author of this article has unearthed a facet of our society which goes unobserved. I'm sure every girl, and I dare to include myself when I say this, has been raped in one of the many manners discussed by the writer in his article. The sad part is we did not even know we were being raped.  And why? Because we have been conditioned over the years that it is a woman who lures a man, seduces him into raping her by drinking with him, roaming around with him, by wearing certain type of clothes et al. 

The well educated but deeply conditioned women so strongly believe in these outdated and biased opinions passed on since generations that they end up feeling guilty, blaming themselves for the devastating incident and keeping mum.

Whether it is a traditional family set up or the outside society, the workplace, hostel, parks, hotels, it does not matter, there is someone out there, eyeing a women, outraging her modesty by his mere glimpse planning to make his fantasy real. If not patently definitely latently.  But who cares?

Again the question is why?

Because men have also been conditioned over the centuries with a different set of beliefs and ideas. The belief that it is ok to eye a woman, AADMI KI TO NAZAR HI AISI HOTI HAI! AURATEN HI BADKATI HAIN TO BECHARA KYA KARE! (A Man is born with a roving eye, it is but a woman who instigates him, poor guy what can he do?) The problem is that there is undue emphasis on literacy but no emphasis or low emphasis on moral education. Men are taught to respect power but not women. They might be taught to be kind to animals but not women. Women are not human! They are not even living beings! They are chattel, goods for gratification of senses. Touch them, use them, cause pain to them, hurt them, violate them in every possible manner. In the end the society will blame them. The biggest paradox is that they themselves will blame themselves.

Men roam around naked, they wear shorts, they venture out of home at night, they drink, they make out, they explore their sexuality, they travel alone, they choose to remain bachelors and enjoy life, they admire beauty and they can do anything They are GOD! Isay it's time we the women of the world spoke loud and clear ....It's pure BULLSHIT!

I apologize for using a cuss word. Oh! I'm so sorry.. I forgot I'm a woman too, educated and dignified!! I am not supposed to use a cuss word! Men use cuss words and its okay!

I wish before changing the laws, we could spare sometime to teach young men and women to learn to respect their bodies and others, to respect their souls and others.  I wish someone would read this blog and bring about a change. No matter how small. I wish there would be a Ramayana with a Lord Rama, who defies the society and loves Sita, unconditionally rather then being guided by the remarks of a Dhobi (washerman) questioning her "purity". How I wish a Jesus would appear on earth and save the Mary Madgelene's of the world!!

The meaning and definition of right and wrong should not change gender wise, because there is only one GOD and one universal truth....Good begets good and bad begets bad. 

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