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Men are born free, but bound in chains

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Man are born free but are bound In chains

A simple statement made by Brusso, can be interpreted in many ways. Let us deal with different opinions regarding a simple statement

-Boundaries and obligations:

Here it can be referred as boundaries and obligations to be followed involuntarily. A child when opens his eyes, he is free to behave in the manner he wants to behave. He cries, laugh, sleeps, feed whenever he wants. His decisions are not affected by or based on the judgements of others. He is free to make his own decisions. There is no compulsion on him to behave in a specific manner. If anyone tries to apply force on him, he simply protest by crying. Child has no worries, problems. He cheers joyously as he is far away from the social trap, but very soon about to enter in it. As and when he gains his senses he was mandated to be in discipline in schools and colleges. He is no more free, certain immaterial and cheap restrictions are already imposed by parents. Like- not to play with children, who is the daughter or son of a  labourer, behave in a particular manner in front of relatives, not to analyse their private parts (as usually done by most of the children) it is considered as bad. Their behaviour is now Governed by the societal and parental norms. They are no more free to take their own decisions. Even if they want to chose a life partner they have to follow the norms of their community to check if marrying with a person of same cast or not.

Every one would face such a situation because when 2 or more persons forms a society, they decides some societal norms to be followed within them. The Rules laid down by them are supported by majority and minority takes it like an obligation and restrictions and after some point even majority finds it difficult to follow it. Ex- Child marriage, same cast marriage etc. The main thing is rules are framed to bring some uniformity and discipline in the behaviour of members. It depends on the mentality of the person how he takes it- as a restriction, or as a discipline. It is a complete mental imagination. If a person wants to progress he needs to follow the norms that are prevailing in the society.

-Chains as relations:-

In other interpretation, chains can be considered as relations. A child when takes birth, has no senses  recognise his chains(relation). He is free. No one is his relative. He has no obligations to be performed for any particular person. Everyone is equal before his eyes, as everyone is a stranger. He realise about his relations with people only when he gains all of his senses. He comes to know about his relations with his mother, father, relatives and friends. He make friends in his school, colony. One day suddenly falls in love with someone and that person becomes so special. He keeps on building network with people throughout his life. So before his death he has built up a very long chain. The strong part would depict the true relationship and weak or broken part would depict bitter relationships. Building relationship is very important. It is a real wealth of a person, because it is the only thing that a person will take back after his life as memories, lessons and experience. So prioritise your relationship with people, work upon building strong relationship.Nothing else but Relationship decides your fate in heaven or hell.


-Men are not born free:-

The 3rd interpretation  suggests that Men are never born free. We have no free will. Even our birth is against our wish. The names with whom we all are baptised is given to us without even consulting us(though it is quiet impossible to consult, but still just to give an example). Men is burdened and is bound in chains from the second he opens his eyes. He has no rights to take his own decision. Students are forced to score good marks, they have no right to go for their own favourite things like singing, painting etc. Compared with others. They are forced to chose a career which their parents wants them to take.

Even in case of choosing a life partner, one has to follow the obligations laid down by parents and communities. Every human being is not free, he is bound in chains in some or the other way.

He is free only when he dies.



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