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Media chaos during Kasab judgement!

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When the judge pronounced Kasab guilty, the tv reporters and agency reporters rushed to the doors of the court! They fought like cats to be out first and break the news!
One poor friend of mine actually got bumped in the head by a metal detector, which tilted with the people running out unthinkingly!
The security forces at the metal gates to the arthur road prison, for a moment were stunned watching the mob approaching them, unaware as to the proceedings going on inside the high security court! They pointed guns at the media persons and had to be told, "let us go, the judgement is delivered, we have to rush out!"
On the day the sentence was delivered, the judge had come prepared not to let the media out until he finished dictating the entire operating order! The policemen stood at the court's entrance with the doors locked and the tv guys were ganged up to rush out.. the seats were half empty for those who wanted to sit, most of it being occupied by the print journalists!
While dictating the order, the judge actually appreciated the media for maintaining the transperancy between the court room and the public at large!
And when the media persons demanded for the doors to be opened, the court asked them to sit down or he would remove the appreciation-observation from the judgement:-)
When the doors did open, they rushed out in such a hurry as if the jail was about to get blasted! Even before they could cross the security doors, they shouted to their colleagues standing outside about the verdict, which was then immediately passed on to their offices!
My plight was worse... I had to report for tv and print both! and when i did reach outside, before the office, i had to deal with red-ants on my bag!

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