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RIP: Love sometimes makes you numb

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What is love? Love is faith. Love is the beauty of life. Love is passion, affection, desire. Love is a major purpose for living; that connection is inherent in all that we do, and without love, we cannot survive as a species.

But, what if this beautiful feeling for someone kills you? An incident reflecting “dangerous side effects of love” took place in my college recently. Just because his girlfriend broke up with him, he forgot his parents, family, friends, and everything. He even forgot that he was in his final semester and was about to leave his student life and start a new life as a lawyer. He boozed a lot and jumped off the hostel building at midnight. Although he did not die on the spot, but 80% of his bones were crashed and he became a body with a very little hope of survival. He died almost after a week of struggle.

Is this kind of love useful? I mean how did this ‘beautiful’ feeling helped him, and all his well-wishers? In the end, they lost him. “He died for his girlfriend, because he loved her a lot”- is this what every one of us thinking right now? No! Not at all! What would be the broken mother’s condition? How would his father have hidden his tears? How would his family and friends have overcome this situation? All these questions are impossible to answer. I wish that boy had thought about the consequences before taking that hazardous step….

I would like to quote a very heart touching line from the speech of a very young faculty which over-whelmed all the students in the condolence ceremony of that boy, “5 years back, when I joined this college as a faculty, never in my wildest dreams I ever imaged that I will carry my student on my shoulders”.

I wish he was alive. But he is not. I wish his soul would have seen the love and affection of his family and friends and I wish his soul would have pledged never to commit suicide again in any birth. RIP.

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