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Welcome to the 4th Indian Vis Pre-Moot 2014!

The final rounds are about to begin in a few moments. The finals involve National Law School of India University,Bangalore(East) team and the National Law University,Delhi(East) team.

The rounds are happenning at the Moot Court Hall of National Law University,Delhi

NLSIU,Bangalore are Claimaint, represented by Mr. Nimoy Kher and Mr.Rudrajit Ghosh

NLU,Delhi are Respondent , represented by Mr.Pratyush Panjwani and Mr. Harshad Pathak

The bench consists of Ms. Sneha Jain, Runner-up at Vis Viennab2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_20140309_174613.jpg

Mr. Anirudh Krishnan, an expert at arbitration

and Ms.Ishita Bhardwaj, Winner at Vis Vienna, 2012

The rounds have begun and the questions from the judges begun almost simultaneously. A flumoxxing question by Mr.Anirudh has left the respondent jurisdiction speaker searching for answers.

Mr.Anirudh continues with his rentless need for perfection as he asks Mr.Nimoy to not a quote a case if he is not aware of its facts. Things are sure getting heated in here!

The Respondent after being thrown off guard by the judges are now getting back on track as they continue uninterrupted.

Having summed up their first submission, the Respondent has begun adressing its second submission.

After a barrage of questions, the respondent jurisdiction speaker is about to sum up all his arguments and end his submission.

A slight faux pas in adressing Mr. Anirudh as Madam Arbitrator. Seems like the pressure of the judges is getting to this team!

Mr.Anirudh is at it again, using the respondent speaker's source against him. This is getting interesting!

The judges are far from over with their questions to the respondent jurisdiction speaker. The time limit has been thrown out of the window!

The respondent jurisdiction speaker has finished with his submissions. The  claimant jurisdiction speaker shall now respond to the objections raised by the Respondent.


Mr.Anirudh strikes again. After a uninterrupted run, the claimant jurisdiction speaker is now busy answering the questions raised by the judges.

Each speaker's knowledge of the UNCITRAL Model Law has constantly been brought under the scanner, especially by Mr.Anirudh.

A disagreement with regard to his submission has caused the claimant jurisdiction speaker to submit his alternate submission. How will this move pay off?

The bench has constantly been peperring the teams with reagrd to "consent". Let's see how each team convinces the bench with their side!

In a smart move, the claimant jurisdiction speaker quickly took the bench's attention away when he did not know the facts of a case. Nice!

The judges just don't seem to stop with their relentless series of questions, yet the speakers don't seem to be losing their nerves. Indeed comendable.


The bench is contantly testing the team's  knowledge of case law and jurisdictional doctrines. 

After a clear overshoot of time, the claimant jurisdiction speaker has been asked by the bench to conclude his last submission briefly.

The claimant speaker has finished his submissions after some serious questioning by the panel. Now we have respondent claimant speaker to put forward his rebuttal.

Now the claimant jurisdiction speaker is responding with his sur-rebuttal. Short and sweet, he ends it as I type.

After a quick round of rebuttals, we have the claimant merit speaker putting forward his submissions to the esteemed panel.

The judges show no chance of letting the speakers go easy as they continue questioning the claimant merit speaker.

Despite some intense questions from the bench, the claimant merit speaker hasn't cracked and is continuing calmly.

The panel just doesn't seem to run out of questions! But at the same time, an applause for the speaker's patience and cool head as he continues answering smoothly.

Finally, the submissions seem to end as the panel requests the claimant merit speaker to sum up briefly.

With permission from the panel, the respondent merit speaker has begun speaking right after the claimant merit speaker ended his submissions.

As the time and the respondent merit speaker drones on, the judges are in no meed to let go as they continue bombarding the speaker with questions.

With the submissions of the respondent merit speaker reaching its peak, suddenly a question posed by the bench has left him searching for a suitable answer.

With a flourish, the respondent merit speaker has finished his submissions. Now we have the claimant merit speaker with 3 point rebuttal.

With extremely short and brief points, the respondent merit speaker wasted no time in directly getting his points across, and has now finished his arguments. The claimant merit speaker in another brief speech, submitted his sur-rebuttals.

The judges are now deliberating as we await the results.

The Best Speaker from the Preliminary rounds is Mr. Rudrajeet Ghosh, NLSIU Bangalore

The Best Speaker from the Final rounds is Mr. Harshad Pathak, NLU Delhi

The Winner of the Final rounds is National Law School of India University, Bangalore

A prize money of Rs.10,000 has been awarded to the runner up team National Law University,Delhi and of Rs.15,000 to thw Winners, National Law School of India University,Bangalore.

Thank you everyone, this marks the end of the live blog covering the 4th Indian Vis Pre-Moot 2014 organised by National Law University,Delhi in collaboration with NALSAR University of Law and NUJS Kolkata.


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