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life ain't fair

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THUD!!! What happened my cell phone is on floor oh shit why is it happening with me while picking my NOKIA (Read nokla)and assembling it and in meanwhile shit. i spilled water all over the floor.damn. how can i manage to make so many mistakes at the same time.I ask myself (while i am sweeping the floor)and i got my answer maybe its not my day today. thats why nothing is working for me.my constitution parcha (paper). yes i am a punjabi.ok where was i. yes my constitution paper it all started with it. i worked so hard for it but dunno why it went so bad that even i was having a big laugh when i was reading what i wrote during revision time.but later i realized one supplie and there goes my new car.shit.after so much hard work...arghhh. frustration. i need a carlsberg ASAP that's what came in my mind and i don't know why i didn't take my bike and decided to walk reached the only Tavern in my sector and shit they dont have chilled beer.now that is the limit.mayne its not my time. i came back and grabbed a nimbuzz(nimbu pani )on my way back.lene kya gaya tha mila kya.and after am back at home i opened my yahoo to check for replies from any law firm,yes that day i opened yahoo before facebook.usually i switch on my laptop open facebook and then i think what to do. but yet again i landed up no where.
till now i have sent my C.V's to around 50 law firms and lawyers. maximum of them have not replied and those who have replied either they don't want a second year student or they want a student from national law school.
and than in an instant i think kassh mere pass bhi quota hota. i really hate this quota system come on give quota to B.P.L people i ain't got any problem with that but why to S.C's , S.T's and gujjars(who just get it by unconstitutional methods) Are we so weak that anyone can hold society to ransom and get anything they want.come on use some tear gas,throw some laughing gas shells and have a popcorn while watching those so called revolutionaries run away.
coming back to story of my life i saw an ad on t.v Bengali baba har parkar ki chintayo ka hal hai inke pass ruthi G.F ko manana ho, ya fir shadi me adchan they have solutions for all of them but i bet even he can't find me an internship at a good place.i tell you finding girls are easier these days then finding law internship.haha no offence to the girls reading it the writer is one of many frustrated person who don't know where his life is heading to and seeing his mental state he is excused to give such statements.well its a fact when you are habitual of getting your work done in an easier way(i mean jugads)and suddenly things stop falling into place by itself you start feeling like a looser and while this feeling was just begining to creap inside me just then out of the blues an old friend texts me at that time.
which says life isn't fair ,i haven't been having the best of times either,trust me the feeling of coming back.up from rock bottom is the best.and yes i am up again with new spirit finding new internship options on my laptop writing this blog.
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