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LAW STUDENT- an opportunist? a true Professional? or a selfish CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW?

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"Its not about living forever Jacky, ITS ABOUT LIVING WITH YOURSELF". I heard this dialogue in Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End. This statement is very true and as we all are in the phase of becoming an advocates or an upcoming Corporate Lawyers we must accept this truth. I was reading articles in this site regarding the attitude which a law student generates or creates or adapts in a Law School and my blogging friends have rightly pointed out their views regarding the change in the attitude of students regarding the college life, people, studies, competition etc.

In our First Year we are very new to the Law University. We all are very inquisitive in the first place, we tend to learn everything, we ask our seniors about their life and their experience and they tell us stories about people whom they know and their amorous quests. But the thing which they actually focus on is that Trust no one but yourself because it is YOU who have come alone and will go alone. We make friends in the initial year and then gradually as time crept by, we tend to detach ourselves from them. Its not that we do not like hanging out with them its like we too create our unusual ventures and quest and in order to accomplish that we tend to neglect them and channelize our time and energy to obtain that goal.

While doing this some would say that we become self-centered, selfish, an opportunist. It is true, we do become, who isn't? Whoever denies he is lying, we all at some point of time have become self-centered, selfish or an opportunist. I take it as this way, people who actually are this take the most of the least number of opportunities they have. They take the most of each days. Take a simplest example, there is a 'call for paper' of any BIG UNIVERSITY or any JOURNAL, and we have a look at the news, we prepare the article and we send it, by gods grace it gets published. Now when any of your class acquaintances or friends see the article and your name, some do tend to say "MAN THIS GUY/GIRL DID IT, WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE...NOT EVEN US". We do encounter this problem, the people who know you tend to think that how selfish we are and what a friend we are that we didn't tell this to any of out good friends.

This is the situation where Friendship and Professionalism clashes. But this also is a very good lesson if u cogitate further, a Law University teaches you to deal with all thee situations. Now consider another example, You have taken up a Case and opposite you is Your DEAREST FRIEND, and you collect every evidence, prepare issues, and are ready for the court proceeding. Here too your friend can say "look at him I AM HIS/HER BEST FRIEND AND HE DIDN'T EVEN THINK OF TELLING ME WHAT ARE HIS/HER LEGAL ISSUES AND EVIDENCES?!!....HORRIBLE isn't it?

We will definitely not give any information to our opponents during a case wouldn't we? Here is also a clash of Friendship and Professionalism. So from the beginning itself we should make this a point or a separate wall between friendship and professionalism. According to me there is no harm in hiding and doing things at least you are not telling a lie to anyone, its what you want to do and there is absolutely no need to share it with anyone. In a law firm will you share any information to your nearest and dearest friends? absolutely NOT!!...

Same goes for us too any information or any opportunity which we get we work for it and there is absolutely no need to howl and shout out to everyone that THESE ARE MY QUESTS, THESE ARE MY OBJECTIVES. The sooner we realize the better it is. It goes for internships too. How can anyone expect us to disclose every firm where we have applied?

If people call you an opportunist, selfish, the please look at Captain Jack Sparrow. He is such a character which goes for his unusual quests for himself and no one else and above all he is not bluffing anybody. He is just doing what he enjoys doing that is sail the seas till eternity. When Jack Sparrow tells his father that "ITS ALL ABOUT SURVIVING' then his father VERY RIGHTLY POINTS OUT...."ITS ALL ABOUT LIVING WITH YOURSELF"...this principle is VERY VERY applicable in any Law University, its all about living with yourself, living with your dreams, and working for it to make that dream into reality. There is a Captain Jack Sparrow in all of us, some accept it, others just run away, but at some point of time we have to accept it. MAKE YOUR OWN ROAD TO SUCCESS, MAKE YOUR OWN RULES because its you who have to achieve the goal alone no one will be there to back you up.
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