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KT - PART 2(Kinds of Talaq)

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Finally  i am out of the rigours of Semester 2 , I gave my exams and with my friends i hit upon a Dhaba cum Bar.  As our results clearly states that kind of aptitude we have and capacity to retain things is as good ram .
My friends and myself were trying to complete the syllabus or for that matter study till the borderline we were stuck as all the laws and case studies requires immense sharp memory to retain. we googled and did all the things possible to increase memory but 10 mb space main 500 gb material nahi aasakta. we came to dead end with the thought that chal yaar ab kuch nahi ho sakta suddenly we thought why not make shortforms and give it a try for exams.
Kuch nahi to Kuch toh hoga ..Although getting 25 or 40 is same as both will be counted as failure i said to my friend ek try dete hai aur check karte hai kahan tak gaadi pahunchti hai...
So we reading this kinds of Talaq.
4. Lian

ab isko apne memory main dale kaise....
I suggested lets do short form JI KHULA MU LIAN my friend was amazed at the way we did it yeh life time yaad rahega.....
and we went and wrote the answer when question of talaq was asked!!!!

Fir bhi ab tak sections yaad nahi rehte kya kare !!!!!!!!!!!!??????
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