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An estimated 22-minute read
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As we proceed towards the end of the phenomenon valedictory episode,  for which we have Justice Hon'ble Justice N.V. Ramana, Judge, Supreme court of India as the cheif guest for the event His words of wisdom included a brief speech on his view on Human Rights and why one should chose practice as his carrer path as over corporate field.

With this i would like to annouce the results of justice P.N. Bhagwati 4th International Moot Court Competition on Human Rights:

Winning team: RGNUL, Patiala

Runner's Up: SLS, Noida

2nd Runners up: IOL Nirma,






The Catholic University of Eastern Africa


Africa Nazarene University,Law Department, Kenya


Winfred Gitahi-

Africa Nazarene University, Law Department, Kenya


Waruta Paul Wangati -

The Catholic University Of Eastern Africa


Beatrice Kioko -

Africa Nazarene University,Law Department, Kenya


Muhavi Peter Mugambi-

The Catholic University of Eastern Africa


The Catholic University of Eastern Africa






DES’S Navalmal Firodia Law College , Pune


National Law University, Cuttack, Odisha


Shivani Bhatnagar-

Rajiv Gandhi National University Of Law, Patiala


Ankit Gusain-

Rajiv Gandhi National University Of Law, Patiala


Dhwani Lakhani-

Institute of law, Nirma University


Shashank Kumar V.

Symbiosis Law School, Noida


Institute Of Law, Nirma University


Symbiosis Law School, Noida


Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala


Thank you being a part of this competition with help of this Blog

Good day,

jai Hind

“Human right is a universal standard. It is a component of every religion and every civilization”






Speaker two makes the final submission that the respondents do not completely resent the use right of self determination, it believes that it should have been the last resort. 


Rebuttals starts:

Appicant is still hung on the issue of statehood. Seeks extension of two minutes, the bench opines that it will depricate what Krance has done provided applicant must give up the Bambara issue. 


Applicant deals with the proposition wisely. Rests the case.


Respondent comes for rebuttals . Asserts the previous contentions again. Rests the case.

Hence the battle comes to an end. The chief guests for the Vledictory have arrived.

 We will get back to you wit the results once the Valedictory ends.

 Stay tuned!


Respondents_RGNUL, Patiala


The bench is giving rough time to the Speaker. Stuck on one question.



We will be back with the updates on rebuttals..

Stay tuned

Respondents_RGNUL, Patiala


Speaker two is up. Accuses the applicant on the use of bilogical weapons.The bench questions on use of biological weapons. Bench corects the speaker on the point of distinction between nuclear weapons and biological weapons. The Statehood of the State is again challenged by the bench. Tough questioning follows.









                                                                         Respondents_RGNUL, Patiala


Speaker 1 takes the dais. The bench questions about UN Charter and veto power. It further asks about the conflict in Bambara and Krance's intervention in Janjeera. Interestingly, speaker is asked who you are representing, Krance or Bambara or both. Speaker takes a minute, consults his team-mates and remains firm on representing both the parties. Bench asks aren't you exceeding your rights by clouding with Krance? Speaker responses properly. Now speaker is asked again about exceeding power. 


10 mins left. The bench questions again. Speaker submits the internal problem of Janjeera is not an internal problem of Bambara, thus Krance's intervention is irrelevant. Janjeera has the right to self-determination. Commoners of the cause stand differential. The bench takes a stern stand and asks repeatedly on the facts of the case. Speaker contradicts in her submission with regards to facts. Faces a tough time with the bench. Bench states, "if you drop all the facts of the case, this will create a history in moot court" 

Speaker reaches towards end of alloted time. Seeks two extra minutes to conclude.

Submission ends. 







b2ap3_thumbnail_20140309_093611_20140309-053356_1.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_20140309_093627_20140309-053358_1.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_20140309_095037_20140309-053400_1.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_20140309_093627_20140309-053358_1.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_20140309_095037_20140309-053400_1.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_20140309_100558_20140309-053402_1.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_20140309_100558_20140309-053402_1.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_20140309_101732_20140309-053404_1.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_20140309_101732_20140309-053404_1.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_20140309_101739_20140309-053407_1.jpgGOOD MORNING 

10.25 am

Speaker 2 comes on the dais to speak for the final 20 mins. Seems well versed with the facts. The bench questioned the statehood of Jnajeerabad yet again. Speaker 2 emphasis on powers of Janjeerawad as to statehood and refers to the compromis. The bench makes it clear to the speaker to slow down and answer specifically. Example of Tibet, china and Kashmir is stated by the bench. She now takes the issue of veto power abuse by Krance. Judge questions again, on various provisions of veto power under the ICJ. Speaker states history of the State. Bench further questions on the principles violated under the International Law. The Speaker is in position to answer.

Bench now questions on Shariya Law and on issue of brutal killings involved in the problem. time running out. Speaker concludes the submission. As the time expires the submissions end.








Speaker 1 from applicant side takes the dais, begins with smooth arguments with proper perusal of facts. For initial 10 mins the bench seems satisfied.  Whether Janjeerawad rightfully exercised the right to self determination is the first point on which the speaker substatiates. Speaker further states Roosevelt's and Churchill's principles. Interupted by their Execlency on the point as to what constitutes right to self determination. Speaker said that the right constitutes what determines the destiny of a state as to how it safeguards its interest. Quotes Article 1 of Montevideo convention and further Judge questions the qualification described under the convention. The speaker quotes 4 pre-requisites in this regard. Speaker Furhter states that UNHRC self Determination is not limited to colonial discrimination by Bamabara Govt. No positive action was taken by Bambara. Securing of rights by use of force of self determination was necessary.

Execlency puts forth and intriguing question, "if a state is in breach of international law how can it claim a right under the same"

Speaker 1 states a catena of judgements of ICJ to justify on the point.

Speaker 1 moves towards the summing up of arguments but the bench gives a bundle of hurdles to the speaker by questioning the statehood and existence of Janjeerabad. The speaker answered well and concluded the submission.


10:00 am

The final round is between SLS, Noida and RGNUL, Patiala. As per draw of lots SLS noida will be applicant and RGNUL, Patiala will be respondent in the final round.



We have a bench of 6 Judges to Judges the final rounds,

Hon'ble Mr Justice Gautham Shirish Patel, Judge, Bombay High Court

Hon'ble Smt. Justice Revati Mohite Dere, Judge, Bombay Hight Court

Hon'ble Mr Justice Dinesh Maheswari, Judge, Rajasthan High Court

Hon'ble Mr Justice S.R. Bannuramath, Chairperson, Maharastra State Human Rights Commision

Hon'ble Mr Justice J.B. Koshy, Chairperson, Kerela State Human Rights Commision



Here we are at the Abhijeet Kadam Auditourium and all to set to begin with the Final round of Justice P.N. Bhagwati International Moot Court Competition on Human Rights. The Auditorium currently looks no less than an ICJ courtroom, credits Court Clecks and stage committee.

The judges have walked the isle in the college and are presently being breifed about various facets of the moot court  problem. The thrilling round will start soon.

Please don't miss to catch the live telecast of the final round :


don't miss the glimpses on the facebook page:


As the teams are egaged in their dinner after a long day, we have the results declaring the two teams which made it to the finals:

RGNUL, Patiala

SLS, Noida (not in rank order)

We congratulate the colleges for making it to the finals. We wish them all the best for tomorrow morning once again in advance.

We will be back tomo sharp at 9 with the finals and do catch our live telecast for the same. 

Till then the blogging team takes bow for the night and will catch you all tomo.

Good night

Nlc, Blogging Team :-)


As the rebuttal ends, the semifinal rounds of Justice P.N. Bhagwati International Moot Court comes to an end.

We will be uploading the results very soon as scoring teams gets down to work. The teams are now being escorted to our guest house as dinner awaits them.

We wish all the participants a heartiest congratulations for making it so far.

We have the final round starting 9 am sharp tomorrow morning followed by the valedictory functions. We shall be having the esteemed presence of 6 High Court Judges from various parts of India. 

The snaps will be uploaded soon in our FB page and don't forget to the catch the live telecast of the finals and prize distribution round at:





Court no. 1

For the respondent we have speaker no. 2 from their side. The bench is silent and listens to the speakers silently.

Court Room no. 7

Respondent again states the point of biological weapons issue and finally is able to convince the judges.



Court Room no. 7

As the rebuttal steps in, applicant first and foremost point is regarding biological weapons. Applicants uses the rebuttal time to give a complete point to point clarifications on issues raised by the repsondents.



Court Room no. 1

Speaker 1 of the applicant is on fire with his loud and bold voice, and uses his entire rebuttal time in stating his point. He seeks 30sec extention. 





Court Room No. 1

A time extention was seeked by the speaker 2 and now the speaker has moved on to the prayer.


Court Room No. 7

The speaker states circumstantial evidence and comes to stating the prayers for the arguments.



Court Room No. 1

Judges question speaker 2 on Inferred membership and speaker 2 answers the same very well. Further the judge doesn't miss out on asking about role of Secuirty Council in case of anticipatory self defence.

Court Room No. 7

Speaker 2 directly moves on to Geneva Conventions as just 5 more mminutes left.



Court Room No.1

As time concluded for speaker 1 who wraped up the arguments in a very diplomatic way, speaker 2 steps in and as the arguments gets heated up the the bench gives a little hard time to the speakers but the speakers handle it in an amiable way.

Court Room No.7

Speaker 1 takes on extension and give a good argument as its very evident the speaker is well versed with the facts. As extention ends speaker 2 steps in and starts giving arguments on Quran and Sharia Law.




Court Room No. 7

Speaker 1 of the respondent adds light to Article 42 of the UN Charter. Lordship ask for evidence on the verious arguments and issues stated by the Speakers. 

Court Room No. 1

The judge tricks the speaker 1 of the respondent by saying if a state is declared as a state by the UN then isnt it a state? speaker deals with this question calmly and replies with supporting facts. Court takes a stern stand and asks the speaker to address on the specific issues. 



Court Room 1.

As applicants wind up their arguments with a time extentions the respondents steps on the dais.

Speaker 1 completing the arguments.

Court Room No. 7

Respondents start with a pleasent beinging of submissions and talks about France interventions.



Court Room No. 7

Speaker no. 2 starts with the contentions, Judges go slow and questions the jurisdiction of ICJ. Cited example of Bangladesh. with such detailed reply to judges speaker 2 seeks and extention of 5min.


Court Room No. 1

Speaker 2 starts with the arguments, who is well versed with the arguments. They had substantial reaserch to back their contention and issues raised by the Judges.



Court Room No. 7

As Applicant 1 answers judges questions and wraps up peacefully. we have applicant no 2 steping in.



Court room No.1

Judges were really impressed with the art of putting forward the contentions. The Judge tricks the speaker over defination of state and and speaker 1 is indeed flawless with his arguments. speaker 1 goes for a time extention.



Court Room No. 7

The applicants is well versed with law and memorial points, Applicants with an ease solved the hurdles put by the judges.


Court Room No.1

Applicant's Speaker no. 1 gets going with smooth arguments and has sighted the UN charter. The judges question regarding the powers which allows him to exercise such rights. Further Judges didn't fail to challenge and question such citations and arguments.





In Court Room No. 1, we have

Nirms University(Applicant) vs. SLS, Noida(respondent)

Court Room No. 2, we have

Rgnul Patiala(applicant) vs. Nlc Matunga, Mumbai








End of phase one of the battle..

The battlefield was set, warriors showed up great courage and vigour..Indeed it was a war of words marked by a happy ending!

Here we are presenting you with the results of Prelim rounds. The top 4 scorers of the Prelims round is:

NLC, Matunga

SLS, Noida

IOL, Nirma University

RGNUL, Patiala.

(Not rank wise)

We are about to begin with the semi’s in a bit, stay and congratulations once again to all the qualifiers.




As the teams are back from a sumptuous lunch and our backend team has prepared all necessary arrangements for round 2.

We wish all the participants again all the very best for round 2. We'll be uploading snapshots very soon, do cacth us on our facebook page too,

catch you guys with the prelims results by evening 5pm




Round 1 of the prelims comes to an end and we have the particiapnts going for lunch. we'll be back soon with round 2 in a bit.

For the prelims round 1, we have

Court room#1. Applicant: Iraq, Kurdistan Region V. Respondent: KBH Law College Malegaon Nasik

Court room#2. Applicant: New Law College V. Respondent: Raffles University, School of Law, Rajasthan

Court room#3. Applicant: GLC, Mumbai V. Respondent: C.D Deshmukh law College, Ahmednagar

Court room#4. Applicant: University of Mauritius V. Respondent:  ILS, Pune

Court room#5. Applicant: Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies V. Respondent: KC Law College, Mumbai

Court room#6. Applicant: Gandhi Nagar National Law School V. Respondent: NLUO, Cuttack

Court room#7. Applicant: UILS, Punjab V Respondent: SVKM, NMIMS, Mumbai

Court room#8. Applicant: Symbiosis Law School, Noida V. Respondent: Institute of Law, Nirma University

Court room#9. Applicant: Africa Nazarene University, Kenya V. Respondent: VIPS, IP University

Court room#10. Applicant: KIIT School of law, Bhubaneshwar V. Respondent: RGNUL, Patiala

Court room#11. Applicant: Faculty of Law, Lucknow V. Respondent: Amity law School, Noida

Court room#12. Applicant: School of Excellence, Chennai V. Respondent: Rizvi Law School, Mumbai

Court room#13. Applicant: The Catholic University Eastern Africa V. Respondent: NLU Jodhpur

Court room#14. Applicant: Balaji Law College, Pune V Respondent: SVKM Pravin Gandhi law college, Mumbai

Court room#15. Applicant: NLU Tamil Nadu V. Respondent: DES Law College, Pune

Court room#16. Applicant: NUJS, Kolkata V. Respondent: School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore

Court room#17. Applicant: Law College, Dehradun V. Respondent: V M Salgaocar, Goa

Court room#18. Applicant: Modern Law College, Ganesh Khind, Pune V. Respondent: Symbiosis Law School, Pune

The results are going to be out very soon.





The anticipation is finally over and hence we begin with one of the most awaited legal event of the year living up to the stature that the event has achieved over the past 4 years. This event has begun with a bang. The event was inaugurated by renowned Supreme Court Judge Hon’ble Justice Shiva Kirti Singh. He also enchanted the students with his inspirational address. He focussed the importance of role of lawyers in today’s society and the role played by them in upholding the spirit of Human Rights. Parched on the dais along with the Supreme Court Judge were Hon’ble Justice S.B. Shukre, Judge ,Bombay High Court, Prof. A Lakhsminath, Vice-chancellor, CNLU, Patna, Hon’ble Dr. Patangrao Kadam, Chancellor, BVDU and Prof. Dr. Mukund Sarda, dean  &Principal, New Law College.

We will annouce the results of the prelims very soon, stay tuned.

Catch the various glimpses of the event on our facebook page,



 As we are about to begin with the first round of  prelims,

 The list of participating teams are :

  1.    The Catholic University of Eastern Africa
  2.    Africa Nazarene University Law Department, Kenya
  3.    Iraq, Kurdistan Region
  4.    National Law University, Jodhpur
  5.    National Law University, Orissa, Cuttack
  6.    RGNUL, Patiala
  7.    Tamil Nadu National Law School
  8.    ILS, Pune
  9.    School of law, Christ University, Bangalore
  10.    Symbiosis Law School, Noida
  11.    SVKM Pravin Gandhi College of Law, Mumbai
  12.    Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies
  13.    V.M. Salgaocar College of law, Goa
  14.    New Law College , Matunga, Mumbai
  15.    VIPS, Indraprasth University, Delhi
  16.    Institute of Law, Nirma University
  17.    P.E.S  Modern Law College, Pune
  18.    SVKM’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai
  19.    KIIT School of Law, Bhubaneswar
  20.    Amity Law School, Noida
  21.    Faculty of Law, Lucknow University
  22.    Raffles University, Rajasthan
  23.    Balaji law college, Pune
  24.    DES, Pune
  25.    C.D. Deshmukh law college, Ahmednagar
  26.    Mahatma Gandhi Vidya Mandir Karamveer Bhausaheb Hiray (KBH) Law College Malegaon, Nasik
  27.    Government Law College, Mumbai
  28.    Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar
  29.    Law College Dehradun
  30.    Symbiosis Law School, Pune
  31.    K C Law College , Mumbai
  32.    School of Excellence in Law, Chennai
  33.    NUJS, Kolkata
  34.    UILS, Punjab
  35.    Rizvi Law College
  36.    Mauritius University

 We wish all the teams all the very best once again.


A very Good Morning


We are currently outside the newly renovated swanky Abhijeet Kadam auditorium and we are about to start with the inauguration of the 4th Edition of Justice P.N. Bhagwati International Moot Court on Human Rights.

We are having an array of legal luminaries including Hon’ble Justice Shiva Kiriti Singh, Judge, Supreme Court of India and Hon’ble Justice S.B. Shukre, Judge, Bombay High Court for the very inaugration of this event. We are highly obliged by their presence as they flew by such an early morning flight just for us.

We are also shortly expecting Hon’ble Prof. Dr. A Lakshiminath, Vice Chancellor, CNLU Patna. Further we will be blessed with the presence and blessing of Hon’ble Dr. Patangrao Kadam, Chancellor BVDU; Hon’ble Shivajirao Kadam, Vice-Chacellor, BVDU; Hon’ble Dr. Vishwajeet Kadam, Secretary, BVDU. We will also have with us Hon’ble Dr. Adish C. Aggarwala, Senior Advocate and President, International Council of Jurists.

Stay tuned! We will be back with the updates of inaugural ceremony and some snaps shortly to give you all a feel of this event.

Please don't forget to catch the live telecast of the preliminary and the final rounds !  

Good Day,

Blogging Team,

New Law College









We welcome all the readers, bloggers, well wisher and followers of this competition to the live blogging page of Justice P.N Bhagwati 4th International Moot Court Competition on Human Rights. We the blogging team brings you a complete insight of this nail biting and thrilling competition. We hope to get you a complete breath of view of this event.

This Evening we had the teams arriving from all over India and abroad who got them registered for this great event followed by a magnificent cultural event with the primary theme human rights.

We particularly highlight the fashion show which had the theme of LTTE issues depicting the assassination of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. It was infact a splendid performance which left the audience spell bound. The audience was also presented with a special performance of lavani (a traditional folk dance of Maharashtra) as well as a spectacular kathak and Rajasthani folk dance performance.

After the ornate cultural performances the teams went through the exchange of memorials which would give the participants a petite insight of what’s going to come from the opponent in the prelim rounds. As the team’s head for the guest house for a lavish Indian dinner we the blogging team take an adieu for tonight.

We will be back tomorrow at 10am sharp starting with the inaugural function followed by the prelim rounds. Later in the evening we will  have the semi-final rounds which will decide the top 2 runners up of the race.

We wish all the participants good luck for tomorrow and a pleasant stay in the city of Pune. Good Night to all our readers and stay tuned ……

PS: Please click below for facebook link and catch the glimpse of the event.








“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity”

                                                                                            Nelson Mandela

The furor has begun with just 2 days left for the “Great Legal Battle”. Bharati VidyaPeeth’s New Law College, Pune brings its 4th Edition of Justice P N Bhagwati International Moot Court Competition on Human Rights. The fun cannot amiss and so we will bring you even the minutest insights from the competition via our blog iwth help of LegallyIndia. 

 Recollecting the memories, for past three years the competition has been graced by remarkable and eminent legal luminaries. Hon’ble Justice P.N. Bhagwati former Chief Justice of India a man of great stature, a living legend, a cynosure of all eyes has been profusely associated with the event.

 The pioneer of this prestigious moot is Prof. Mukund Sarda, Dean and Principal of New Law College, BVDU, alongwith faculty incharge Prof. Dev Chopra and co-ordinator Prof. Aman Mishra. The problem focuses on real life ground issues relating to human Right and International law currently pertaining to the various part of the world.

The 1st Edition of the “Justice P.N. Bhagwati International Moot Court Competition on Human Rights” was inaugurated by Hon’ble Dr. M Veerappa Moily, the then Union Minister for Law and Justice in the august presence of Hon’ble Justice P.N. Bhagwati, former Chief Justice of India and member of the UNHRC.

In its 2nd Edition the competition sought participation from international teams including University of Reading, U.K.; School of Law, D.E. Paul University, Chicago, USA; Vistula University, Poland and University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland along with 25 premier law schools from across India who competed before a hypothetical version of International Court of Justice, the Judicial Organ of United Nations.

The 3rd Edition of the competition was inaugurated at the hands of Hon’ble Justice Dipak Mishra, Judge, Supreme Court Of India, Hon’ble Justice Mr. D. R. Deshmukh, Chairman,Company Law Board, New Delhi, in the gracious presence of Hon’ble Shri Manan Kumar Mishra, Senior Advocate, Chairman, Bar Council of India, Hon’ble Prof. Dr. David A. Jones, Director, United States Law Program, University of Warsaw, Poland and Hon’ble Prof. Jerzy Pawel Gieorgica, Professor, Vistula University, Poland and other eminent legal jurists from India. The problem was based on various aspects of Syria crisis.

This  year the mega event will be inaugurated by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Shiva Kirti Singh, Judge, Supreme Court Of India, Hon’ble Mr. Justice  S. B. Shukre, Judge, Bombay High Court,  Hon’ble Shri  Manan Kumar Mishra, Senior Advocate, Chairman, Bar Council of India, Hon’ble Prof. Dr. A Lakshminath, Vice Chancellor, Chanakya National Law University Patna, Hon’ble Dr. Adish C. Aggarwal, Senior Advocate & President, International Council Of Jurists, and in the gracious presence of Hon’ble dr. Patangrao Kadam, Chancellor, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Hon’ble Dr. Vishwajeet Kadam, Secretary, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune  and other empowering  personalities of the legal fraternity.

The present moot problem deals with the issue of abuse of Veto power by the permanent members of United Nations coupled with critical analysis of law relating to self-determination.  International law is no more in transitory state and it is a true law in essence. It cannot be a prerogative of a few. Thus upholding the principle of human rights, “everyone is born with dignity and shall be treated equally”, the participants are expected to highlight the disparity between the permanent and non-permanent members of the UN.

 The competition rounds will be judged by renowned legal experts including Chairpersons of several State Human Rights Commissions, Judges and eminent academicians. The final round will be judged by a panel of sitting High Court Judges of India.

The event begins on 7th of March with the inaugural ceremony followed by preliminary and semifinal rounds on 8th of March and the finals on 9th of March. We’ll bring you all the latest and live updates of the exhilarating event and also live blog on the 3-days gripping event with the help of Legallyindia.com

This year’s the competition is brought to you in association with CLA online and Legalance, Magazine partner Lexwitness, knowledge partner SCC online, media partner Legallyindia, Advocate khoj and Law mantra.

We wish all the participants All the very best for the upcoming challenge.

Find yourself equipped with all the court room actions through our blog.

To read the problem click below:


Follow us on facebook at:



Carpe Diem!

NLC, Blogging Team



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