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WOLF! WOLF! WOLF! Justice delayed is justice denied. How the story is never completed

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Once there was a shepherd boy and he had sheep, obviously. One day he went up a hillock with his sheep and with nothing to do, pulled out a leaf of the old book and cried out to the villagers below “WOLF! WOLF! HELP! HELP”!

The villagers came. No wolf. The boy laughed (as usual). And the villagers were visibly pissed.

Next time round the same thing happened. The villagers were tricked again.

The 3rd time, the boy shouted “WOLF! WOLF! HELP”! And a real wolf came. But hey! Wait! Even the villagers came.

Boy to the head villager: Mate! You weren’t supposed to come! What the hell are you doing here?

The head villager: We thought we were supposed to come buddy.

Wolf: Hey! I want my sheep.

Head villager: Sorry! We have to beat you up real hard. So as to make the story real.

Poor Wolf. He was beaten black and blue.


4th time.

“WOLF! WOLF! HELP!”. The villagers didn’t come. But even the wolf didn’t.

The boy telephoned the wolf: Man! Where the hell are you? You were supposed to come.

Wolf: My leg is broken because of your villagers ‘trying to keep the story real’ beatings. And if a lame wolf comes and hunts, the script will look fake. So, let us do this next time.


5th time.

The wolf comes. The boy was relieved.

But one of the heftiest, 200 pound Rams decided to take the wolf on. It was the breeding season and nothing would impress the lady sheep more than a Ram beating the hell out of a wolf.

Wham! The Ram and ran into the wolf.

“Aaaaaaooooooouuuuuuuu”! The wolf cried. He ran away.

The boy was in the meanwhile tearing his hair apart.


6th time

“WOLF! WOLF! HELP!”. The wolf doesn’t come. The boy calls the wolf: Dude! This is taking too long yaar!

Wolf: Hey is that bald guy you?

Boy: Yup! Remember, last time I tore my hair apart. The story has to sound real.


7th time

The wolf doesn’t come. The boy is angry.

Wolf: I am full today!  Just had a rabbit. Rabbit meat is delicious. Can’t have any more of your sheep meat today.


PS: The wolf dies a natural death. The Ram came to mourn his death, actually.

The boy is married and now works as a carpenter.

The head villager has now retired and drinks his daily hookah.


Justice delayed is justice denied. We need better actors in our script. And better script too.

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