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Irony of faith

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As most lawyers would agree especially females that law profession is predominantly successful for top notch lawyers kids or influential males.....the irony of faith as i say is that lawyers who protects everyones rights is himself/herself victim of so many unjust acts. As an associate in indian law firm though i am not generalising an associate has to bear tantrums and agree on face to unethical acts of the seniors. I was told by one of my colleagues that her senior threw papers on her (the reason she attended clients party without informing him...though the invitation was sent to all working on a matter). Inspite of policies in place the bias is obvious and ignored by the higher ups or those in control. The most annoying behaviour of seniors is when they make an associate work on infructuous things till wee hours and derive sadistic pleasure. An intern came to me to ask for some assignment. The intern was good looking and attractive and my senior just flipped....he called her in his chambers and gave her some work which was already been undertaken by few more interns. Despite not liking the fact that she is going to suffer from some form of harassment (verbal, visual.....) i could not help....Like these there are so many instances where i felt helpless. The purpose of this blog is to encourage people to come out in open and not rely on policies.....Even as junior most person in the firm it is better to maintain your dignity and fight for your own rights.....

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