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Goodbye. My experiments with truth. And my take on bloggers

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I started this blogging competition with a philosophical (attempted) post on law and life. I am ending the competition with some more on the same lines (just to make the exit a bit dramatic).


Note- Had three more posts lined up. But chicken pox got me and I took the two week 'bed rest' diligently.

Me and my three friends

Me and my three friends-

Mind, Body and Soul

Live in unison

To maintain the cobwebs

Of autonomous threads.  

Each on is difference.

Body is the beast-

Playful and powerful,

Ventures into alleys dark.

The mind mindful, flogs hard.


And when, the then watch glass,

Turns into an imprisoned,

Subdued heap of sand;

The soul discards his disguised,

Self-ostracized self.


Unchained he scours

The gory great grave

Which was dug by the beast

And leveled hurriedly by the mind.


The body is the criminal,

The mind, his lawyer.

Soul is the judge and I,

I am the witness-

A witness to the unending trial.


Ah! Alas! Mind, body and I die.

The soul sits on the pyre and bids goodbye.


PS- Had three more posts lined up. But chicken pox got me and I took the 'bed rest' diligently.



Experiments with truth, falsehood, greed, jealousy etc.

1.) For the first few posts I commented on my own blog posts. Its not difficult. You can hop among computers at the library and chuck some anonymous comments. Even if you do it through the same computer, with the same IP address...Kian can't do much. :)

2.) If that was not enough my comments on my own posts were egotistic. Many of them read 'great post'; 'wonderful writing' etc. Some comments also posed questions (anonymously) so that Legal poet could reply to them and carry on the discussion forward.

I did this for hits. I loved 'hits'. More the merrier. With a comment posted your blog title gets showed up in the 'recent comments' listing and makes for say half a dozen extra hits.

3.) But yes...I rarely, if ever criticized a co-blogger anonymously.

4.) And yes...after those first few posts I stopped commenting on my own posts. LegallyIndia announced that hits don't matter and I too was bored with all this.


PS- This is not to garner votes from people who will say 'oh! he is so truthful' or to dissuade those presently cursing me. Read this and forget this, please.


My take on bloggers

Folly Nariman is the best (though I don't think she will be a part of this edition of the blogging competition), Nandii is a terribly close second. I am placed third. Danish is awesome. LegalDrift and John2010 are awesome too. I wish both of them take away the social blogging prizes. Napster looks good though I haven't read his recent posts.

Legal Popat was a legend.

I am not too big a fan of sss's writing. Anirban, I thought did a couple of genius posts but then many of his posts read like a law student's research project- unedited, un-formatted and unreadable.

ps- my personal take. Please don't take personally.



Thank you LegallyIndia for this wonderful platform. Truckloads of thanks too Mr. Kian Ganz and Legal Dodo for encouragement, support and guidance. Thank you everybody....the commenters, the critics, the personal messagers.


PS- the post was written in a hurry. Excuse me for the typos.



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