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Get yourself involved in the Social Issues - An Introduction to the Blog

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Society is place of which all of us are an integral part as it has been formed through us only. The basic aim of creating society is to give everyone a sense of freedom so that other don't have any right to interfere in that circle of rights which every individual holds. But obviously there are some restrictions which have been imposed on each and every person to enjoy his/her freedom i.e. freedom stops where one starts interfering into the rights of other individuals. Moreover, it is a society which helps an individual to develop himself right from his birth which  imposes duty on every individual to respect the basic theme for which the society has been created. There are several mechanisms in the form of law, rules, regulations which makes every person aware not to do certain things due to the fear of getting punished. 
Now, turning to the main point why this blog has been created. It has been created to analyze the deep rooted social problems in our daily life and to reach all of you through this means. As a member of the society, it is our responsibility to keep ourselves involved in the matters relating to the society, because if we would not get involved then there would be a solution to any of the problem which are present in the society. Society distinguishes themselves on the basis of caste, culture, religion, region  etc. and remain alien to those issues pertaining to other sections of the society but why do we forget that society is not formed just with one or two sections, it comprises all the sections which are present or which have their identity. Take for example, a person sitting at Delhi would not be much interested in the issues relating to the Telangana issues but is it possible that he won't be affected? What if protesters block the road in Delhi for this demand and that person missed his interview and losses his job? But most of us do not bother as to what is happening with the society. By society I don't that we should confine ourselves to the Indian society, it also involves the whole world because there are certain matter which are interrelated within each and every country for eg. The recession which started from USA had its impact all over the world making thousands of persons unemployed and making many of them to loose their property. So, by remaining just to yourself is not a solution but it is a factor which enhances the problem.
In India, we say that politicians are corrupt and further say that nothing can be changed in the politics but has a ordinary person who is making such comment tried to look beyond this and tried to find out why it can not be changed. It is evident from the statistics of the election that only half of the population cast their votes and this is the main reason why a eligible and proficient candidate is not able to win the election. When it comes to rights, we take out rallies, protest in front of the ministry to enforce our rights, to stop the discrimination against minorities, women etc., but are we doing the same thing when it comes to the duties which have been mentioned in our Constitution, are we really bother about it ? Then why do we expect from the political system to work in a proficient way. But if you see, the political system is doing well for all those sections from where they get votes because even they know that it won't affect their vote bank if they do not pay much attention to other sections, specifically upper middle class and high society. The issue is not confined to the voting system, it has been rooted in each and every issue of the society. 
Until and unless we become more aware that it is our responsibility as a member of the society to actively participate in the issues which are highly important for the society. Individual benefit is always seen by everyone but don't make yourself confine yourself to that only, keep yourself a part of other issues also. Through this blog, I would try to analyze the issues which of general importance whether it be national, regional, economic etc. Please give your support and get involved. 
Abhinav Shrivastava

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