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Diplomacy, Humanity And Law

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well guys this is my first attempt at blogging so please be encouraging and feel free to let me know my weaknesses

To begin with i would define law as a a general set of rules which ensure that people behave in an accepted and expected manner.

I am an atheist and i just think that the institution of religion in old times was created just to instill fear of some extra human power who is constantly looking at you and will punish you sooner or later for your wrongdoings the belief of god in those time was so deeply rooted in people that they not only believed in it but also behaved the way priests wanted them to. In a way religion helped in keeping a check on people and ensured smooth running of society. Now in modern world the age old weapon of religion is more or less irrelevant as people are less afraid of that super natural power But the same work is now being done by law.

okay in modern world we all know the main source of law is legislation but what are all factors which actually influence those legislations.hmmm some may say voters influence or political influence. but what i think the most important factor is diplomacy and see the beauty of diplomacy it can change your priorities within a sec. and you wont even realize it. the diplomacy at world level is governed by a simple principle what all you have in your pocket and what all you can give. this is the reason why many of worlds policies are inclined in the favor of west. This is the reason why U.S.A can kill Osama in Pakistan without worrying about Pakistan's sovereignty And walk away just like an elephant ignores a barking dog.. its all diplomacy even in india many legislations are comprised through back door channels.remember the Tata's role in 2G scam.and why is N.A.T.O making such hue and cry about civilians killing in Libya at the same time ignoring the killing of civilians by ruler of Bahrain just because Bahrain is an Ally of U.S And Home to united states fifth fleet.How many of you have heard about this unrest in Bahrain in international media. well this is diplomacy.

Humanity is a feeling or a call which comes from inside that ask the person to do what is right but this voice these days is so subdued with practical motives that it is almost impossible to hear it.

Thus in making of law diplomacy cannot be ignored but at the same time Humanity should also be considered.

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