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Dear Government, Please leave us alone! Thank you. Concerned Citizens

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Education is one sector which was left behind during the reforms stage in 1991. It is one of the most important sectors in any country. Educated youth are a requirement for a successful country.

The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth”- Erasmus

The Government cannot cope with the huge demand for quality education. Computer education for example, has spilled over to the free market outside government control. The world is changing and computer skills are becoming a must. Indians had traditionally been good at learning new stuff so India had an appetite for IT. Although, our schools and colleges are only creating an army of unemployables.

Two young entrepreneurs from IIT Delhi, Vijay Thadani and Rajendra Pawar, saw in the early 1980s what the government did not. They started NIIT (National Institute of Information Technology). There was another bunch of entrepreneurs that started Aptech.

India has more than three thousand centers of such ‘schools’ which train more than half a million students a year. This kind of training institutes became an instant success. They were so successful that the promoters could not cope up with the demand. So they decided to franchise it. They did it very successfully. They maintained the quality. The improved it actually. They earned a lot and the society gained a lot. They have checks and balances to see to it that the quality remains that way.

NIIT also have a four year program. It is like an undergraduate degree. It has an interactive method of teaching with emphasis on practical experience. It is also easier for them to change their course with the changing times and make it more effective as they don’t have to time consuming government process in between.

Tamil Nadu government has collaborated with them. NIIT provides computers and teachers and the Government provides them real estate. In the day it is a normal school where students are taught computers for free and after the school it becomes a commercial NIIT center where the residents of the town come and learn. It is a win win situation. If you think that NIIT will start exploiting the customers then you are wrong. Competitors like Aptech would see to it that such a situation doesn’t arise. That’s the beauty of a market economy.

NIIT is just an example I choose randomly. There are many more out there. Some known, some unknown.

We have seen the magic created by the Economic reforms. It’s time we have some on the Education front too. Economic reforms need the backing of education reforms. It cannot transform the country alone. Only educated youth can make full use of the opportunities that are offered through economic reforms.

Another question that I have is, is it Capitalism versus Communism/Socialism?

Government control on any sector has ruined it. I am not the only one saying this. It’s a fact now and not just my opinion. Cuba you say? Check this link.

It has been so many years since Independence but the Government has not been able to do anything about improving the education sector, atleast not as much as it should have.

We regularly see frequent fights between the Human Resource Department, the Law Ministry and the Bar Council over who will ‘control’ law students.

The foreign university bill is another controversial piece of legislation. It has various compulsions that a foreign university has to follow that will most definitely dissuade the good Universities to come to India. Imagine having to keep a large chuck of money with the government as surety, compulsorily employing Indians, following a limit set by the government on the salary that can be given to the faculties and following all the other guidelines given the government regarding its operations. No one would want to come, atleast not the famous Universities. Why can’t we leave it to market economy to decide? Students of good universities will be successful and that University will rise in the ranks. All the mediocre students and Universities will be shunned and finally will have to improve or shut down.

According to me, it is unjust that all political parties in India have to compulsorily declare that they will adhere to the principle of socialism under Section 29A of the Representation of the People Act 1951. It is as if the legislators think that Capitalism is against the interests of the general public. *sigh*


Well, that it I guess. There will be a lot of contradictory views, I am sure. Please feel free to ask questions. All of them will be answered. Keep coming back if you want to rebut my replies to your comments. A healthy discussion is always welcome. 

I recommend India Unbound by Gurcharan Das to anyone who wants to know more about this topic. The book is a gem. Simply Brilliant. 

 This is not exactly a law related post but well I thought a little bit of variety wouldn't hurt. :) 

Oh its been a long time since I wrote anything. I feel good.



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