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Dangerous Notions of a Law Student

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Law as a Career, of late has undergone a big “U” turn for the number of students enrolling for the 5 year integrated course has risen drastically.

Stakes involved are high and the expectations of the students have increased 10 folds than what the earlier generation had from their Law College and from the profession too.

With anxiety and nervousness at his peak a baby lawyer enters into the corridors of his gigantic Law College with a number of unwarranted notions, which he/she manages to collect from here and there.

Nothing’s wrong in this, that’s human nature; remember how anxious you were when you were admitted in school? The same is the situation here but in a macro picture.

However what is wrong and what makes me feel pity is that these unwarranted and dangerous notions are imprinted so deeply in their minds that they are carried even in their further years.

Some of them being as these:-

A) At the end of 5 years I would either be in 1) Litigation or 2) Corporate.

This is the most notorious notions humming in one’s mind. Yes, with new and changed dimensions corporate law has altogether formed a different scope but this of course is not the end!

Common chit-chat one comes across law students is when says “Boss, I have made up my mind, and I choose Litigation” and his counterpart then says- “I find corporate as my career.”

If this is to be relied upon then what it means is if you choose Litigation, you will throughout your life be running in the courts, and if you have chosen corporate, you will end up in a desk job.

That’s Absurd. Having chosen the corporate, you haven’t immuned yourself from the daunting court litigation.

It’s only that your work line is defined.

B) Laying your hand on everything that you come across at Law School.

Gone are the days when a law school confined itself to mere Black & White color, today with the changing times it has added Red, Blue, Yellow and Green too to its attire.

I say in the sense that the wide array of options that one enjoys at a law school is plenty in order to showcase his/her talent.

The co-curricular activities rage from Mooting, Debating, paper presentations. Researching, joining=g committees, conferences, maintaing CGPA, and most important fetching attendance.

However the dangerous notions what one carries in his head is the better he lays his hand on each and every thing the shinier would be hi CV.

That’s Absurd. Some people trying really hard to be on food committee, film society, moot court, sports, L&D and the list goes on. Just step back and think how could one person possibly get real work done by being in more than one or two committees, especially with the number of projects and exams we have at law schools. All prospective employers are aware how much of nonsense we add in our resume. Yeah, it does show some organizational qualities in a person, but that is not given a lot of weight by your prospective employers or foreign law schools.

At the end I would end up quoting something from a blog:-

“Law school is a place where you get free advice from every possible corner, whether you want it or not. All seniors have a view on how each professor is and what is the way to crack their course.

Don’t let the loud and opinionated ones bother you too much. They are usually the eager beavers who are trying to run a 100 meter dash. The real fighters are usually the silent ones – who have the stamina to run a marathon. They are quiet in the beginning trying to figure out the minefield, their road map, those who have a plan, trying to make long lasting friends and cautious of their competitors.

So those who raise their hands all the time in class in the first few weeks will get their hands tired soon and the rest will get an opportunity to express your thoughts. Don’t let the feeling of dumbness and numbness in some class worry you too much.

If you are not doing too well in economics, it is perfectly fine – we cannot be good in every possible thing in this world, can we? Learn to accept that you are not going to be a star in every course – just focus on what you like and what you want.

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