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Crime and Women.

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God made Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve. Biologically, we humans are classified into genders – male and female. However centuries have passed, we still appear to lack in the foremost and the most common aspect of a lawful and civic society, that is, equality.

Voice came, “Hit her! Hit her hard.”

The boy dazed and confused, stunningly said, “No!”

When asked, “Why?”

He replied, “Cause I am a man.”

Period. This should explain it all.

Crime and Women, it seems that they have always raced against each other. Wait! This is where we are wrong often. Crime and Women do not race against each other, they race along with each another. They run parallel to each other. Why are we so ignorant that we treat women as instruments to negotiate a crime?  In the contemporary times they have become subjects to achieve objectives of crime. When we try to analyze the crimes inflicted upon women, the result was not unnatural; they are actually diverse, right from female infanticide to Sati (surrender to death on the so called Holy Fire of her deceased husband)

The fact is every human being in this earth, male or a female is borne out of a women and every creature in this planet is borne out of the pink feminine dimension of their species’ biology.

They make love, its spring, it’s time for the flower to bloom. It was a stormy night; the baby conceived is a girl. Now who is supposed to be blamed? Is this real? Do we even have to think about it? Right from the moment a girl is conceived in her mother’s womb, there are still nook and corners in this world where her innocence has to surrender to the treacherous superstitions of the society she hails from and her paternal side’s lack of confidence in raising her to live for the very right reason for which she was born. Thus we end up witnessing Female Infanticide.

How inhuman can a human be where he cannot stand the existence of his own fellow human being just because she has a bosom and he, on the contrary has a chest. So what? Who cares? After all, this is supposed to be a blessing of God, if He exists in the world. Right!

Years rolled, surviving the growing peer pressure, she grows up, tall and strong, she is now a ready-to-marry bride waiting for her groom, living on the faith he will be there for her, no matter what. It is rightly said Expectation Hurts. She is compelled to get married even though she has a Masters in Management and she aspires to be liberal and independent. Come marriage, she finds herself standing behind a wall of demand, which in legal terms, we call Dowry.  Her to-be husband whom she pondered would stand for her throughout her life; well he just withheld himself and instead offered her a contingent proposal to marry only if she brings a car along with her or a coffin of gold and silver. Wow! Is this marriage? So have we really found the answer if marriage is actually a ceremony as Holy as one’s faith in That Something or a mere contract standing by two parties. Keep loitering!

One fine day she walks to a store in an empty dark lane cornered by three men. She was beautiful and she was proud of it yet she never flaunted it. She was independent so she went to the store at night. She had courage she did not bother, but went alone. She was sophisticated thus her charm was trendy. Next moment, she is raped. Okay! What was her crime actually? Being beautiful? Trendy? Sophisticated? Brave? Independent? Seriously?

Men can actually be so selfish for their lust that they are ready to share that beautiful flower as an object and quench their adrenaline hormones. It’s really sick

If one can trust, have hope and faith, pray and worship, devour and devote That Someone, why cannot he admire and respect the creation of That Very One.

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