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Creating more value and ensuring that mentors don’t turn into monsters

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With the increase in the number of appointments of women as CEOs around the globe, I am starting to notice that the basic nature of a woman is finally being put to use to create more value for the world. The recent appointment of Marissa Mayer as CEO of General Motors and Mary Barra as CEO of Yahoo are all signs of a secret code. A code built on the acceptance that women make good leaders as they have the natural ability to create, not just for themselves but even for the others around them. It is the second nature of a woman to be kind, to care, to love, to share, to listen, to organize and to manage things. Their natural abilities are a result of the reason for their very existence in nature. Women are born to create the world; to take it forward; but in order to create, they must endure, and it is this endurance in them that makes them the true leaders of this world. At most places where women are leaders, I have noticed that an equilibrium between men and women is maintained as a result of which there is better work ethos which in turn results in creating more value in terms of happiness, personal growth and revenue for everyone. I predict that more and more companies will adopt this approach as a strategy to create more value. One of the ancillary benefits of this approach will be that instances of mentors turning into monsters a.k.a. sexual harassment at work places will decrease. More value for everyone and safety/security for women is not a bad deal for anyone. Therefore, to my mind, it may be a good strategy to make women in charge of things.