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Coalgate: No it's not about the toothpaste !!

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The coal scam which is burning down every newspaper's front page these days is becoming an ostensible niggle for the ruling party.

The ruling party is facing harsh allegations not only from the opposition but media and general public are also providing a hard time to them. How do we put this scam or should we say how we take this scam.

As an irresponsible and callous attitude which the ruling govt. has shown or the policy which has been under criticism and which was followed by the opposition party as well ever since it's initiation in 1993.

This is a very serious issue as coal is an implicit source of energy and a non-renewable too. States like Jharkhand, Odisha, and Rajasthan which have ample amount of coal has to be utilized optimally and efficiently.

The policy has been under criticism ever since the private players have entered the market. Natural resources like coal are been invariably exploited by the private players. The private players are not only to be blamed though but still they have erroneously acted through the policy.

It's quite true what the Prime minister has said that private players can't act autonomously as there are certain norms and they have to go through various statutory regulations as well. Competitive Bidding Mechanism was reported as one or the other way out but all went in a swagger as it faced stringent criticism from the coal bearing states. They said that this mechanism will tarnish the allocation mechanism rather than harnessing it as it will raise the coal prices.

So, in the year 2005 a middle way around was sorted out as the Screening Committee mechanism and then Dr.Manmohan Singh was the coal minister. But this mechanism was strongly been criticized by CAG to be an opaque system rather being a transparent one. Infact CAG reports in a way blames the ruling government to be highly irresponsible as by not implementing any of the remedial measures punctually. But the ruling govt, has rubbished the allegation by saying that there is "ZERO LOSS" when it comes to coal allocation as it said the same thing when it came to the 2G scam.

On the other hand various news dailies have reported losses in millions. Yes it is very easy to blame but the lead in the movie will only be held responsible if the movie doesn't turns out wellTongue out.

Despite of various alibis put forth by the ruling govt. this is a very serious issue. Tangible sources should be used judiciously. There has to be a balance between national exchequer and utilization of natural resources.

The coal issue has to be contrived soon in a frugal way otherwise the aftermath would only result in a cumbersome situation both for the govt. and to the general public whose money has been utilized hereMoney mouth.There are plenty of things more which can be added but this is a blog so i am keeping it short and simple i guessSmile

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