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CLAT preparation by an aspiring lawyer

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It all started way 3 years back when i first thought of entering into the legal profession when I saw my sister giving some random law school exam CLAT...She told me it was not her thing and left it. It then got my attention and thought of giving it a shot...The whole story started when i came across the first law book LAW OF TORTS I actually liked it.


That one case of RYLANDS V. FLETCHER made sure that I see myself as a lawyer for the rest of my life. Then was the time of actually working for that life of which I dreamt off 'becoming a lawyer’. The time between your class 10 exams and the commencement of 11 class is the most crucial period in every students  life, the same was with me too, I too faced the same kind of confusion that you people face ,deciding “which road to take”.


it’s a common problem in India where students are not allowed to go out of the popular league of professions ,the parents feel secured in sending in their child to the same heard of sheep and the same was with me even  I was unsure that this CLAT thing would be enough for me to take me to my dream so I decided to opt for commerce as my mainstream (ARTS is considered more of a girls’ thing in here ) so I was left with no option ,science was not my thing .


after I made this selection there are usually demo classes and during those classes  I would  share one small incident with you of what  happened with me “once in the sessions our principal Fr.remegius came up and asked the students that in which profession they see themselves after 5 years roughly 70 % of the class dreamt of  becoming a C.A ,the other 29 % some BBA ,B.COM, MASS COM. But the only other hand that rose was mine for law, he asked why my dear law? I said I want to sue this Indian education system”as I had major problems with its style of functioning, he got really surprised by my answer, so he called me after the class and said pursue your dream and become whatever you want to but just keep in mind that you give your full devotion to it and never back out. So that was the day I made my mind that ‘law’ is the thing. My preparations started from that day itself that was I guess 11 July 2011 when I searched everything on the internet about CLAT and LAW , after becoming  well versed with the basic structure of it, I took out some old books of my sister and started off  with it .


The first book that I read was  the law of torts there were a lot of interesting things in it for anything you start off  with there is an instant like for it and the same was with me for law .I read it for like 4 hours even though I could make only 50% of it but that 50% was enough for me to satisfy  my enthusiasm that I had. I started preparing for it seriously each day, there were a lot of things to do during those times fun ,food ,dance , I had to manage my 11’th class studies also but I still managed to get some out of my busy rather wasteful  schedule for my dream. Each day I used to come up with some new thing useful for CLAT some R.S AGARWAL logical book, some GK books, some good ENGLISH books lexis nexus was always there in my list, some math’s books again it was R.S AGARWAL. It was going good a little bit of preparation in the 11 class is  enough for any aspiring CLAT writer so was my prep way ahead of those students who just go for crash courses to crack it, I was not among that lot .while entering class 12 I realized that this paper has a lot of competition in it ,the seriousness grew each day.


During  those days I subscribed THE HINDU look the times is never enough for those who want to prepare seriously  so I used  to read both these newspapers Daily with discipline without any faults for not more but at  least for 1 hour, when I got to know that if u want the current G.K  to get better go for monthly magazines for better preparation you always need monthly magazines to get the crux of it in a more compiled way I went for Pratiyogita Darpan ,competition success review any one among them and competition in focus by Arihant for sure .


This one is the best among the lot and should be read by a CLAT aspirant definitely. I kept on solving the past year papers as well. For online lovers the site JAGRAN JOSH  should be bookmarked definitely for current GK.I tried every possible thing that I could do to crack this hyped competitive paper .i never knew that static G.K  would pay such an important role in my CLAT paper .In the 2012 CLAT paper static G.K came as a surprise and nobody expected the same thing until December 12’ when the official announcement for including static G.K came by the concerned authorities I was sat  back by the announcement as I was preparing for current G.K like a retard but I had to accept the new decision of CLAT and had to start preparing  for static as well but time was very less I had to prepare for my boards too, I kept on preparing for 12 boards simultaneously and that was the best decision of my life, this was stressed on me by my father he kept on saying don’t just blindly go for 1 thing keep your options open its always good to have one line open for you as its better to keep your options open rather call it as your BACK-UP .So my backup was class 12 I went for it from mid January completely but never gave up CLAT as that was my 1’st choice any day.


I kept on reading the newspapers everyday in the same passion like when I started  preparing. I quickly used to go through my notebook that I maintained  in which I used to write important and hard English words rather call it my vocabulary notebook .NOTE-start building your own vocabulary from the very beginning as this  is not a 1 day thing but it takes MONTHS to practice and the only way you can do good in CLAT is by having vocabulary of at least 1000 odd words before sitting for the paper  and keep on revising it till the day you  appear for it .And do remember English plays a crucial role in deciding how you do in your CLAT paper it’s among the most important parts in the paper .When you ask how to go for legal part there is this book named UNIVERSAL CLAT BOOK this book is the king of all books in legal part ,the solved questions of this book have been coming in CLAT paper for years and will repeat for sure. The back-up plan was going perfectly in the month of February I started devoting most of my time for my 12 boards as I thought that it was more reasonable at that point of time never compromise with your class 12 boards,as it plays a very important role in your carrier in some or the other way ,it played more than important at least for me .


Whole of march went for appearing for boards. Then on the last day of boards that is 30’th march where everybody had some plans to party after the papers, I had planned something else  I had a reservation of 4.00 pm for jodhpur where I would spend my next 42 days preparing for CLAT. Note-my exams got over at 2: pm and nobody could even think of going on the same day itself but even I don’t know till date that from where was that enthusiasm coming from but it was there and it was good, I was leaving Udaipur to cherish my dreams Udaipur didn’t have that good coaching centers that time as it has now.


During those 42 days I had downloaded some 20 odd wallpapers of my favorite NLU’S and kept on changing everyday just to keep that fire ignited in my mind to crack this paper ,that was indeed crazy but I had a reason ,during those days the fire that I had ,I could never find out from where it was coming ,I never actually knew what exactly where the places even 100 meters away from my  PG ,I had this concept of not wasting a single minute on anything else other than CLAT one should have that fire in himself  that makes him different from others at least when taken in terms of enthusiasm.


I used to eat CLAT ,sleep CLAT ,talk CLAT (that may sound very filmy but that  was actually  my situation during those days ) I had this unique way of studying for at least 12 hours a day excluding taking the basic needs of human. I used to read legal part like a total nerd ,who just want to eat everything   that he has in front of his eyes .


CONSTITUTION was my strong part rather very strong part I love reading constitution based books and knew a lot  from this part .one way of improving your legal part is by improving your constitution , the book that I preferred was the one given to me by my coaching centre LAW PREP ,there is one more book available for static G.K that covers constitution also LUCENT G.K which is a very good book covering almost every part of static G.K that comes in CLAT. Try to give as many mock papers as possible as this helps you in building confidence and time management for your paper .


I appeared for at least 30 odd mock papers before appearing for CLAT and that is very useful when you actually sit for the paper .All the things were going exactly in the same way as I imagined my preparation would be ,I got ranks varying from 54’th to the 30’s to the 20’s and yes once 1’st too, that was all a different feeling to get a top rank in your mock papers .


There is one thing which plays very important role in these competitive papers is confidence  ,there are a lot of disturbing elements between you and your confidence like DROPPERS these people are the ones who have been giving there 1 whole year preparing for the same thing that you are preparing without any boards coming in between and seeing their preparation you will always get scared, but at the end of the day it’s more of a logic based paper where anyone could do good with more logical mind than yours ,there is one more lot of people who act as a disturbing element in your preparation are the students who randomly get higher ranks than yours without even studying a bit for the mock paper, note the word random and go on preparing for your target  .This is the same thing that I  did and moved on with my preparations ,during the whole year of class 12 and even during those 42 days there is one online mentor  named RAJNEESH SINGH who helped me with any inquiry regarding the preparation of CLAT .


I used to bug him every now and then with my random questions but to my amazement he used to help me with every problem that I posed before him ,will never forget his role in helping in with my preparation .You can follow him on FACEBOOK ,he has some 10,000+ followers on his page “Rajneesh Singh CLAT mentor. There was this one senior friend who is in his 4’th year pursuing law from NIRMA UNIVERSITY who helped me in every possible way  that he could .you always need some seniors or people who have given this paper before you, who could tell you the exact ground level reality and help you out in facing it .I’ll share with you an activity with you that I used to do with him on WHATSAPP he used to create a legal complication on the spot like how a murder happened or there was some nuisance in the neighborhood something like this and he expected me to solve that case  by applying the concepts that I have learnt from my CRIMINAL LAW or TORTS  part ,probably that was the first practical training that I got from anywhere. That was the kind of madness I possessed during those days if people start thinking that this person has become mad ,just realize that you are right on the track and nobody can now stop you from achieving your goal said by SAGAR JOSHI (law prep head ) I owe a lot to him for where I am.


Coming back to the CLAT paper which  was supposed to  take place on the 12’th of may 2013 ,did almost every possible thing to crack it from newspaper to whatsapp training ,the final showdown was near .Last days are never meant to complete with your courses but to revise whatever you have done before may it be your vocabulary, may it be your current G.K compilation ,static G.K notes ,math’s tricks  try improving your speed for the logical section  for the past 2 years I have been living this dream of CLAT and the day was actually there, there were mixed reactions in me but winners are those who  held their nerves till the end and come out with flying colors  .


My paper went good not much as I expected but it went good ,my strong part constitution didn’t come as much as I  expected but always  expect the unexpected in CLAT paper .I was scared with the introduction of negative marking in the paper ,but never get scared because if there is  negative marking for you it’s for everybody else also. The feeling that day you have after giving your dream paper is entirely different and you will experience it only after giving even I cannot explain you until and unless you give it.


After the paper those 10 days went like wow I partied ,enjoyed ,had fun to the core and then was the day 1’st for the board results on 27’th may the BACKUP’S result was there the anxiousness that one faces before some big result is worth experiencing I was in New Delhi for the CET PAPER and the result came as a shock to me I  got a 95% from the commerce field that moment cannot even be expressed ,I came to know the one who made me do this hard work my father had a tear in his eyes, he called me the very same moment and congratulated and said ‘beta dil jeet liya aaj aapne’ I still remember that line and the best feeling you can ever have in your life to make your parents feel proud ,and 3 days later the day for which I was waiting from the past 2 years will I get my wallpaper, will I get some NLU ?CLAT came as a shock to me I got a 2000 something rank I don’t even remember the exact rank, I actually don’t want to remember it every story doesn’t have a good end .The same was with me I did not clear what I dreamt of ,now ill become a lawyer but not from a NLU but from some other college.


That day still pinches me till date, but I didn’t have any answer, why didn’t I pass?


What went wrong? Did you get stuck in the negative marking web? Didn’t you prepare enough? Was more of hard work required? Are you not logical enough to crack this paper with so much preparation? I didn’t have any answer and many aspirants have the same question after not making it through the NLU, but the last question that I asked myself was is it the end of the story? NO was my answer I never dreamt of becoming anything else but lawyer so whether it be NLU or some other college I have to pursue law as a student who has experienced  defeat I want to tell everybody that never back out ,there is always some other option available so was with me I secured a high percentage In my boards and that BACK-UP would surely lead me to something good .


I searched ,asked people and what I came to know is what my destiny had decided I came to know about two good and the oldest colleges namely ILS,PUNE and GLC,MUMBAI who take students on the basis of their merit .


I researched on both the colleges and what I got to know was something amazing that brought back some positivity that was left  in me ,I came to know that GLC MUMBAI is the oldest law college in ASIA and has great reputation, placements and alumni .


I made sure that I ‘will  enter this college. Currently I am a first year law student in GLC,mumbai who is positively charged aspirant who wants to make a good  carrier in the field of law .The amazing experience that I had after joining GLC would be shared in some other note but for now I was happy I had this  contentment that I worked hard for getting some NLU but it’s never the end of the story ,I got into among the finest law colleges in India even better than many of the NLU’s and the only message that I want to share with you people is without sugar a tea is handicapped .without blood our lives are handicapped and without hard work and enthusiasm your dream is handicapped.




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